Are there vitamins that can be taken continuously, without interruption?

Are there vitamins that can be taken continuously, without interruption?

  • Only natural vitamins found in vegetables, herbs, fruits and other foods. Synthetic vitamins cannot be taken constantly, because. overdose of vitamins can be dangerous and lead to unpleasant consequences and health problems. Pharmaceutical vitamins are poorly absorbed, they are mostly excreted from the body, and do not stay in nm, they just overload the kidneys.

  • If the diet is balanced, then vitamins can be omitted at all. In winter, in our latitudes, there is usually not enough vitamin C, and it should be used. Of the minerals, almost everyone lacks calcium, pay attention.

    Vitamins are usually used intermittently for prophylactic purposes. They do not accumulate in the body. Each has its own half-life. The excess is excreted, the doses in multivitamins are not therapeutic, but prophylactic.

    We do not need to scrupulously calculate what we ate and how many vitamins there were. Constantly? I hope that there will be no harm if you do not apply it every day. Still, do not overload the body.

  • Not. In general, the vitamin should be consumed when there is a letter "R" in the month, THAT IS SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER, JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH, APRIL. And so, you can eat fruits without interruption, well, not 10 kg per week. but still.

  • There are complex preparations. They are vitamin-mineral complexes containing both vitamins themselves and micronutrients-minerals, together with components of medicinal plants. These complexes belong to the class of biologically active additives. They are classified as food and many of them can be taken continuously and without interruption. The main thing here is to choose a manufacturer of this product who manufactures it according to international standards - GMP, ISO 22000, etc., which ensures the safety of consumption.

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