Did the dentist bred you too for money?

Did the dentist bred you too for money?

  • When almost all the teeth flew (and there were 7 of them) I came to the paid office, described the problem and said that there was very little money, but the teeth had to be treated. Cured, fillings and crowns, and I can't say that they were diluted

  • This is exactly what happened to me. I came to the clinic for a fee, they cured my tooth and told me to treat six more. I went to a dentist I knew. He looked and did not find so many sick teeth. Here's a story, as I see not only me ..

  • In private clinics, they do not like to remove a tooth, the payment for this is small and, from their point of view, apparently the game is not worth the candle. They are ready to treat a tooth in any situation, even if the filling does not last long, they will happily carry out many treatments and put a filling. After all, all this is paid for, why not then "work". I also came across the fact that in one place the dentist finds many teeth requiring immediate treatment, in another place they say the opposite thing.

  • When I had a toothache, I went to the dentist at a private clinic with a request to have it removed. But the dentist said that the tooth could be saved, and began to carry out some expensive procedures. A week later, the tooth continued to hurt, despite the ongoing treatment. I could not stand it and went to the state dentistry. There they removed my tooth and said that leaving it was very dangerous. This is how the doctor of a private clinic not only wanted to earn more money, but also put my health in danger. Now, if necessary, I only go to the state dentistry, there were very decent and qualified doctors.

  • As in any other profession, there are both good specialists and not very good ones, and much more depends on decency, which does not at all depend on the profession. You can always find a good doctor - there would be a desire. For example, you can ask your friends; read reviews on the Internet, and not only about clinics, but also about specific doctors. Look for a doctor you can trust.

    From personal experience, I am very pleased with my doctor, the fillings never fell out, I regularly go to check-ups and take my child. I trust the doctor, because at each examination he always gives a mirror in his hands and shows what needs to be treated and how urgent it is.

    I don't go to free clinics - health is more expensive.

  • I have already asked a similar question. I came to a paid clinic with caries, I had to treat 5 more teeth. One tooth was "saved" for me, but in ordinary dentistry they said that it was easier to remove. Of course I spent a lot of money, but it's better with a tooth than without it. I noticed that the doctor gets confused every time I come to treat my teeth again. Now there is a hole on one side, then on the other - somehow it is not clear. In general, I don’t go there anymore, and if I suddenly get sick, I’ll go to another clinic.

    It is possible that caries took place, but I lost my confidence in this doctor.

  • Yes, it happened. But I, like many of the respondents here, relied on my own feelings and intuition and went to recheck at another clinic.

    There are really few conscientious and honest dentists.

    So you have to trust only yourself and the pictures. A snapshot of a tooth is not so good. I already know how to determine from the picture whether it is worth fighting for a tooth or is it better to remove it.

  • I try to stick to the two-doctor rule whenever possible. If there are doubts about the first I go to the second, if something is wrong again, then I can go to the third.

    I was told in a paid clinic that the tooth cannot be restored, it needs to be removed and implanted after a while. I went to another dentist, he cured my tooth, now I'm going to put a crown on it, which is 10 times cheaper than an implant.

  • Diversia, hello! I myself, by the will of Fate, is a dentist, only I am mostly a surgeon and an orthopedist, I put fillings or when I am interested (for example, restoration of front teeth) or friends. But I know very well what dentists-therapists are doing, and these are, as a rule, ladies. They can drill perfectly healthy teeth and put fillings on them, money drips to the cashier, and they get interest on updates :-) I don’t want to go into sad details, but the fact remains that dentistry is worse than a pharmacy nowadays. And here and there a divorce on the money of clients in the mail.

  • In this case, the word divorce can mean different things! For example: I go to the dentist for prophylaxis every six months and only in a regular clinic! In this case, the dentist can offer me to put a paid filling from a more durable filling material (which the dentist buys with his own money) on absolutely legal terms! Or you will drill one tooth repeatedly (because, to put it mildly, free fillings are not entirely reliable) Here, the choice is yours!)

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