Will I still grow? 18 years old, height 172-173cm?

Will I still grow? 18 years old, height 172-173cm?

  • When he served in the army, our doctor wrote a scientific work, investigated the development of conscripts. The beginning of the nineties. They served for 2 years. The measurements were taken 4 times during the service period. On average, for the entire service, fighters grew by 1..1,5 centimeters, and 40% of the total number grew, there was a unique one who added almost 3 centimeters. But almost everyone gained weight, despite a difficult period of time. The average gain was about 3 kilograms, some of them ate up to 10. So everything is possible!

  • What prevents you from asking this question to an endocrinologist? Ask for a referral to survey the growth zones. If they are open, then you will still grow; if they have already closed, then no. All the rest is fortune telling on the coffee grounds. Your age is borderline: it can speak for both further growth, and for its complete absence. The height of the parents is different, so you may well be somewhere in the middle with your 172-173 cm and not grow further.

  • I have neighbors - brother and sister of the weather.

    And so, nature has created such an injustice: the sister is like her father, her height is about 178 cm and she is very large, and the brother looks like his mother, his height is no more than 172 cm, he is fragile.

    They would change, but there is nothing to be done.

    So look, who are you more like... If on a father, then you still have the resource to grow up, because some guys continue to grow after 20 years.

    If you look like your mother, you will have to put up with it, and not wait for a very tall growth. Although, as a man, you still have a chance to be higher.

    Usually, those who grow up later grow longer, that is, they later undergo hormonal changes and rapid growth.

    Don't waste time - do bouncing sports such as volleyball and basketball. Notice how quickly they grow.

    The most active growth is usually in summer.

    Sun, air, water, fruits, kebabs, beach, volleyball, boarding.

    Here's what will help you.

    Will I still grow? 18 years old, height 172-173cm?

    Will I still grow? 18 years old, height 172-173cm?

    You will notice that over the summer has grown seriously, and maybe on vacation you will find one that will help you forget and not think about growth.

  • I think you will still grow. Coming of age generally comes at 21 and not 18 as is customary in our country

    So you still have 3 years.

    Personally, at the age of 17-18, the growth of 169 was then a little more. At 19 or 20, my height was already a little higher than 175)) yes, not a big difference, but still I grew up)))))

  • May be. If you do not smoke and lead a healthy lifestyle.

    As I recall, men can grow up to 25 (it seems so), and girls - up to 18.

    So it is possible that you can grow up even more.

    Or maybe not.

    Growth can be influenced by many factors that do not depend on the height of the parents.

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