Vitamin drink made from pine needles. How to prepare and what is it recommended for?

Vitamin drink made from pine needles. How to prepare and what is it recommended for?

  • The benefits of a vitamin drink made from pine needles were known even in ancient Russia. So, for example, he helped in the treatment of angina, with a cold and sinusitis. This miraculous vitamin drink was prepared as follows: pine or spruce needles were washed first with warm and then cold water. The needles were crushed, put in a glass container and covered with sugar in a 4: 1 ratio. It is from this raw material that a vitamin coniferous drink is prepared, which must be drunk for medicinal purposes in courses of 3-5 days: 2 tablespoons of raw materials must be poured with 1 liter of cold boiled water, insisted for 3 days, then strain. You need to take this drink half a glass 2 times a day.

  • I also know that there is a lot of vitamin C in needles, so even the North Indians of the Shawnee tribe in America used it to prevent scurvy. In winter, in frost, when there is snow everywhere, this was the only salvation. Cooking was simple - they cut the needles with a knife so that the oils stood out better, and poured it not with boiling, but with very hot water. And left for 12 hours. I don’t know the proportions, along the way, for children and adults there will be a different amount. And you also need to look so that the allergies are not on the needles.

  • Need to take needles cedar, pine or spruce. It is necessary to rinse the needles in running water and chop finely. Then pour cold water and add lemon juice. All this should be kept in a dark place for three days, filtered and consumed. The proportions for cooking are as follows: four glasses of finely chopped needles, two and a half glasses of water and two teaspoons of lemon juice. They drink this drink for avitominosis, inflammation and colds. It also restores strength after serious illnesses and operations. Good for periodontal disease, weakness and anemia. It is worth drinking it even with nervous exhaustion. You can take this drink both for diseases and for prophylaxis. It should be consumed in short courses of four or five days, with a break of two to three days between them. You need to consume a glass a day. So, it is better to prepare a drink for one course in advance.

  • Needles contain many vitamins, several times more than citrus fruits. The needles also contain a lot of essential oils, phytoncides, which soften and disinfect. I don’t know about people, but for animals, coniferous flour and coniferous decoction were used. Usually in winter, forest was harvested and needles could be collected a lot on the plot, this is free raw materials, otherwise they would be burned into the fire.

    Private owners of cows or goats brewed needles in cast-iron pots and watered them with the broth after calving. Juniper needles with berries are especially useful, the animals quickly recovered.

    For people, you can brew and insist needles in a thermos with a wide neck. You just need to be careful, this is not just a drink, but a medicine. Gargle, add to tea, inhale, use a coniferous broom in a steam room.

    You can even add a decoction to the water for washing floors or rinsing dishes and the atmosphere in the house will be filled with forest aromas. They also steamed barrels for kvass or pickles with juniper. A little boiling water was poured into the barrel, juniper twigs were put, and then they threw bricks red-hot on the fire and immediately covered with some kind of cloth. The barrel booted, thumped, grumbled, as if someone was cursing angrily there. Kvass from this barrel was then unusually tasty.

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