Is it legal to sell drugs online?

Is it legal to sell drugs online?

  • They sell mainly dietary supplements, but they are not drugs. Selling drugs without a license is a criminal offense

  • Legal with a license. If they only sold chalk, they would have gone broke long ago. I buy on and so far there have been no problems.

  • At the moment, the sale of drugs through the online store is not legal, since this pharmacy organization does not exist. However, according to the Ministry of Health, the sale of drugs via the Internet will be allowed in 2017.

  • If the sale of drugs on the Internet goes through pharmacy chains, then everything is legal. For a long time, my daughter has been ordering medicines for her family via the Internet, and she receives them at the pharmacy closest to my home. These are the same medicines. which are in the pharmacy, only they are much cheaper.

    And so basically on the Internet they sell dietary supplements, that is, various kinds of additives, and they have never been drugs.

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