Having quit smoking, is it possible to run?

Having quit smoking, is it possible to run?

  • My opinion can start to run, but you need to start from short distances and gradually increase the load, the human body is not fully understood, maybe you will still become the champion of your years, good luck not to give up.

  • To begin with, you can alternately run and smoke alternately, but not simultaneously, because the lungs are involved in both processes. Important load and the amount of both. Therefore, if you quit smoking, you can run the next day. It is important at what pace. When running well, be sure to monitor the pulse. In aerobic mode, it should be no more than 120-140 beats per minute, depending on age. At the beginning of training, in addition to controlling the pulse, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the legs, especially the feet. You can quickly score muscles, stuff calluses, and bring harm to yourself instead of benefit. Finally, instead of running, you can start with walking or with Scandinavian walking, raising the intensity so that the pulse is in aerobic mode. As the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system are trained, both the range and the speed of transmission will increase. The main thing is not to indulge and regularly engage in. After quitting smoking from nicotine, the body will cleanse itself, while the sense of smell is greatly increased. I have the right to write this, because he himself smoked for at least 40 for years and was engaged in orienteering and ran daily.

  • it is even necessary but very gradual in stages. taking into account age and health

  • Doctors recommend that those who quit smoking do not drastically change their lifestyle, do not change physical activity in any direction and do not assume that something radical has happened.

    I would not recommend immediately quitting smoking and immediately starting to run. What's the rush? Long-term smoking experience, as far as I understand, is not a week. And not even one year. Thus, not only consciousness, but the whole organism has become accustomed to smoking. Let him wean gradually. If the smoker did not run while smoking, then you do not need to run without a cigarette at first. And then, if you start, then very gradually. Smoothness is always good. And not only in the heart, but also in psychology. Why run? How, as a punishment for yourself? No need to punish, do what you want. If you feel like reading, then read it. If you want to sit and gnaw seeds, then gnaw. If you want to run, then run a little. Better jogging than spurt.

    In short, you can run, if there are no special contraindications. But do not rush from the ship, as they say, to the ball.

  • I know a little different case with my friend. He did the opposite: he started running when he smoked. And after a while, he was surprised to notice that he no longer pulls him at all!

    I think you can start running, but be careful: start small (even with a simple walk) and increase your speed, distance, time - in general, the load - gradually.

    You can be examined by a cardiologist, if you have doubts about the heart, and at the same time and consult with him about running.

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