What is dangerous about swine flu?

What is dangerous about swine flu?

  • The danger of swine flu is, first of all, that it is easily transmitted not only from animal to human, but easily transmitted from person to person. It immediately causes dangerous and very common illnesses of the respiratory tract, such as atypical pneumonia. The rate of progression of deadly diseases is very, very high, so the danger of swine flu is very high!

  • The danger of the swine flu virus is that it gives very fast complications on the bronchi and lungs. And even a cough does not have time to appear, and shortness of breath and shortness of breath appear almost immediately, which explains changes in the lungs and bronchi.

    To successfully combat this scourge, do not be shy, and at the first signs of the disease call for a doctor. In this case, time works against a sick person, and even taking the right medicines is important in the first hours malaise. Doctors advise at the first signs of the disease to seek help and preferably not later than the first two days.

  • Swine flu is dangerous because its virus causes very severe and extensive pneumonia, which is difficult to cope with, as there are no specific antiviral agents that affect this type of virus. Also, it is more common than the usual flu to cause brain damage, various hemorrhages, affects heart and vessels.

  • The danger of swine flu in its complications, lethal outcome is obtained from complications, people die from pneumonia. Therefore, as soon as you realize that you are ill, call a doctor or an ambulance urgently.

  • Recently, in our city, more people are wearing masks, and all because there is a great fear of getting infected with the swine flu virus, which is now widely spread.

    Why Pig?

    Because initially a similar virus was seen in the spread in pigs.


    Distribution not only from the animal to others, but also through the chain Animal-man.

    Danger, possibility of death:

    * easily and quickly spreads, using household items (using pens, door apertures, handrails, kitchen utensils)

    * It does not work with conventional drugs to treat influenza and colds (you can drink them, but the body does not become easier)

    * If the right time does not properly recognize the disease and do not take measures, it often causes severe complications of the flu until the death (for example, pneumonia, which progresses quickly without noticing it, the stage can quickly change to a heavier one, which is very bad and dangerous); accelerates the emergence of chronic human diseases

    * manifestation can not be distinguished from ordinary influenza, the symptoms are still the same

    What is dangerous about swine flu?

    What is dangerous about swine flu?

    What is dangerous about swine flu?

  • The danger of any new, that is, mutated virus, is that it can adapt to existing vaccines, so they do not act on the virus. Although it is more dangerous not for the flu itself, but for the complications that arise if the flu is not treated. And these complications are just really dangerous for life, it's pneumonia, encephalitis and much more.

    Therefore, it is important to immediately consult a doctor and not engage in self-medication.

  • Swine flu is an acute infectious respiratory illness. Outbreaks of this disease are most often observed in the autumn-winter period against the background of weakened immunity and vitamin deficiency. The mortality rate from swine flu is low, but this does not mean that preventive measures should be abandoned. The main danger of swine flu is that it can turn into pneumonia, which can actually be fatal.

  • Swine flu is dangerous precisely because of the complications. The virus of this flu often leads to a severe form of pneumonia, when tissue damage very quickly spreads to the entire organ and a person "burns out" in just 2-3 days.

    Such flu can also be the cause of hemorrhages, leading to death.

    At the first signs of the disease, you urgently need to see a doctor (sudden deterioration of the condition, aches in the joints, nausea, high temperature up to 40 degrees, chills).

    Strengthen your immunity and do not be ill!

  • The swine flu epidemic is spreading unusually quickly throughout the country. He behaves aggressively in the human body. With a fever of 39-40, the virus spreads to the lungs. A violent cough begins. The patient's skin turns pale, joint pains appear, the temperature decreases for a short time. Fatal cases have been confirmed.

    Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Increase the body's immunity onions, garlic and flu will bypass the side of your family.

  • There are actually fifteen subtypes of viruses that cause influenza. These subtypes differ in antigenic structure, that is, the presence of various proteins in the envelope of the virus or their absence. Therefore, influenza viruses are divided into three main types (in Latin letters) - A, B, C.

    What is dangerous about swine flu?

    "Swine" flu is caused by the "AH1N1-2009" virus, that is, this virus belongs to type A. It is very wrong to say that there are no differences in influenza pathogens, because preventive measures depend on this, for example, against which strains will be created vaccine. This determines the severity of the disease doctors should expect. And it depends on this whether an epidemic or a pandemic is possible. For example, seasonal flu gives rise to epidemics, but "swine" flu can easily cause a pandemic.


    And this "swine" flu is dangerous because it behaves extremely aggressively in the human body. This virus loves lungs a person, he penetrates there, causes a strong cough, high temperature, incredible weakness of patients; they quickly develop shortness of breath and increase with every hour, breathing becomes difficult. This is how this virus differs from the "seasonal" flu.


    If the patient goes to the hospital late, then his lungs can simply be completely destroyed by this virus, which causes a complication - pneumonia. And then the doctors are already powerless to help, the patient dies from acute respiratory failure, from pneumonia, as a result of the strong destructive effect of the "swine" flu virus.


    Weakened by it weakened people, pregnant women, children all over the world. This year, Ukraine has a very high mortality rate, and there are deceased in Russia.

    I would not brush off this disease. I think, about protecting ourselves and our loved ones, each of us should take care.

    Do not be ill!

  • Swine flu quickly complicates, more often in the form of pneumonia, pneumonia, which spreads very quickly, affecting large areas of the lung.

    With this virus, a persistent high temperature, which is hard to knock down, strong weakness, all this together, very much makes our body vulnerable to complications. If on the third day it does not get better, you need to call a doctor so that the right treatment is prescribed.

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