What is the difference between laser Lasik and Super Lasik?

What is the difference between laser Lasik and Super Lasik?

  • The SUPER LASIK technique is technically identical to the standard LASIK procedure. The difference is an individual plan

    correction, i.e. a special program processes the obtained results of corneal diagnostics and forms

    individual patient correction program.

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  • LASIK laser correction differs from Super LASIK in that the latter in some cases allows you to get higher vision 120-150%, sometimes even higher, sharper vision in low light conditions.

    Before performing Super LASIK, a more thorough study of the optical system of the eye is carried out than with conventional LASIK, an individual correction map is drawn up, distortions of higher orders are revealed.

    Some people do not have these higher-order distortions (aberrations), they are told that there is no point in performing this operation instead of the usual one.

    Not all people get the expected effect of 120-150% from Super LASIK, even if they had the prerequisites for it, they just get the usual effect, like from LASIK.

    My opinion is that if you don’t mind the money, you can do it, it certainly won’t get any worse.

  • The difference between Lasik and Super Lasik operations is that they are performed on various laser devices.

    Feature of Super Lasik - in the most accurate "resurfacing" of the cornea with a laser, based on the data of preliminary aberration analysis... At the same time, it is possible to measure and eliminate absolutely all pathological irregularities of the cornea.

    The goal of Super Lasik is to adapt the optics of the eye, bringing it closer to the ideal.

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