For the prevention of flu and colds, medications: a list of the best

Winter, coming into legal rights, is associated not only with fun pastime on sledging, skiing, but also with epidemics of flu and various colds. But today there are simple and reliable methods to avoid unpleasant ailments. In order not to replenish the ranks of sneezing, it is recommended to use medicines that increase immunity and perfectly eliminate viruses to prevent flu and colds.

for the prevention of flu and colds medications

Recommended groups of medicines

Colds develop, as a rule, against the background of impaired immunological reactivity. A decrease in the body's natural defenses increases susceptibility to infections and increases the likelihood of recurrence of viral ailments. Medicines recommended for the prevention of flu and colds:

  1. Interferon inducers. These include the drugs Cycloferon, Arbidol, Kagocel, Amiksin, Neovir. These funds increase the production of its own interferon in the body, which increases the antiviral response. Such drugs are recommended to be used in advance, by a certain preventive course.
  2. Vitamins. The body's need for them in the season of colds increases. The most actual use of drugs "Aevit", "Gerimaks", "Antiox-caps", "Vetoron".
  3. Adaptogens. These are drugs that increase the resistance of the human body to the effects of the environment. Medicines stimulate the defenses, increase efficiency. Preference is given to such products as the extract of Eleutherococcus, Leuzea, Schisandra, "Gerimaks".
  4. Immunomodulators. These drugs restore impaired immunity. It is advisable to use medicines that do not require preliminary examination and are characterized by excellent tolerance for the prevention of influenza and colds. It can be drugs "Immunal", "Immunorm", "Bioaron S", "Tonsilgon N", "Bronchomunal", "IRS-19", "Likopid", "Imudon", "Ribomunil".
  5. Antiviral drugs. Such funds allow you to protect the body from a variety of viruses even during prophylaxis. Some of the effective remedies are "Arbidol", "Anaferon", "Grippferon", "Amiksin", "Viferon", "Kagocel", "Cycloferon", "Amizon".

for the prevention of flu and colds medicines for children

Drug List

Wanting to prevent unpleasant ailments, each person is faced with a large selection of remedies. Doctors have identified the most effective and popular medicines for the prevention of flu and colds. Let us consider the list of such funds in more detail.

The drug "Amizon"

This medicine is used to treat and prevent colds and flu. In addition, it is used to fight some infectious diseases such as measles, chickenpox, rubella, mononucleosis and others.

The active ingredient of the drug is amizon. Such a remedy should not be used for children under 6 years of age.

In the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections, influenza, adults should use from 2 to 4 times a day, 0,25-0,5 g. The course of treatment is 5-7 days.

If the agent is used for prophylaxis, it is recommended to use 3 g for 5-0,25 days. Then, within 2-3 weeks, 1 tablet is used every 2-3 days.

1 package (20 tablets) is usually enough for the course of treatment. The drug "Amizon" is a fairly inexpensive remedy with a wide spectrum of action.

The drug "Arbidol"

Do you need flu and cold prevention? Medicines that allow you to achieve high results are quite diverse. An excellent preparation is "Arbidol".

The remedy is effective for the treatment of influenza A, B, ARVI. It is very effective for preventive purposes. Allows not only to treat ailments, but also their complications. It is often used in the complex therapy of pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, recurrent herpes.

Allowed for use by children from 2 years old.

For the treatment of uncomplicated diseases, adults are recommended to use 4 g 0,2 times a day. The duration of such treatment is 3-5 days. If a drug is used for prophylaxis, it is applied per day for 0,2 g. In this case, the duration is from 10 to 14 days.

medicines for the prevention of flu and colds for pregnant women

The medicine "Remantadin"

The drug is in demand for control and prevention during the influenza A epidemic season. The drug is not intended for children under 7 years of age.

For the treatment of the disease, it is advisable to use the drug according to the following scheme:

  • 1 day - 2 pills three times a day;
  • 2-3 days - 2 pcs. twice a day;
  • 4-5 days - 2 tablets once a day.

Prevention is based on the use of the drug for 10-15 days, once a day, 1 tablet.

The drug "Anaferon"

Homeopathic medicines can be used to prevent flu and colds. This is exactly what "Anaferon" means. It is recommended for use in complex therapy for the treatment of influenza, herpes, ARVI.

This drug is allowed to be used by babies from 6 months. It is recommended to use the medicine for the first two hours every 30 minutes. Then, during the day, they consume 1 tablet three times. Treatment continues until recovery.

Prevention involves taking 1 pill daily for 1-3 months.

Means "Amiksin"

It is advisable that a doctor recommend medication to adults for the prevention of flu and colds. If you are choosing drugs yourself, be sure to carefully study the instructions.

A fairly effective remedy is the drug "Amiksin". It is widely demanded for the treatment and prevention of colds, flu, viral hepatitis.

The drug is not used for children under 7 years of age.

medicines for the prevention of flu and colds list

For treatment, the drug is used at 0,125 g 1 time per day for 2 days. Then the agent in this dosage is applied 1 time within 48 hours. Prevention is based on the use of 0,125 g once a week. It is advisable to continue this reception for 6 weeks.

Treatment and prevention of children

A healthy child is always cheerful. He laughs fervently, touching those around him. But unfortunately, the crumbs sometimes get sick.

It is much easier to prevent illness by using medicines for children to prevent flu and colds. To avoid the disease, the baby should improve immunity. The drugs "Grippferon", "Interferon" are quite effective. Such medicines for the prevention of flu and colds in newborns (up to 6 months) are buried in the nose. It is recommended to apply them twice a day, one drop at a time.

Starting from 7 months, children can be given the children's drug "Anaferon". The pill is diluted in a spoonful of warm water.

Below are the most effective medicines for the prevention of flu and colds for children. However, remember that self-medication is not recommended. It is advisable to coordinate the use of this or that remedy with a pediatrician.

Preparations "Viferon": candles and ointment

These medicines should be kept in the refrigerator.

Suppositories are an antiviral immunomodulatory agent. Such a drug is prescribed, if necessary, to newborn babies and even premature babies. The remedy is effective for a variety of infectious and inflammatory ailments: influenza, acute respiratory infections, complications after bacterial infections.

Suppositories are administered rectally every 12 hours for five days. It is recommended to start using them at the first sign of an illness.

The ointment is allowed to be used for babies over 1 year old. It is carefully applied to the mucous membrane of the nose 3-4 times a day with a cotton swab. This remedy is very effective in combination therapy.

Children's medicine "Anaferon"

Often the question arises of what drugs can be used to prevent flu and colds for children under one year old? The drug "Anaferon" for children is allowed to receive crumbs starting from 1 month.

medicines for the prevention of flu and colds in children

It is an excellent antiviral immunomodulatory medicine. It is used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes against many diseases, including acute respiratory infections, influenza.

The medicine is available in tablets. For babies, as described above, the tablet is diluted in boiled water. Older children are advised to dissolve the pill.

Oxolinic ointment

This is a tried and tested old remedy. This ointment is allowed to be used even by newborns. For preventive purposes, they begin to use it, as a rule, from the second month of a child's life.

The ointment is applied to a cotton swab, which is applied to the mucous membrane of the nose. The tool is extremely prophylactic. It does not possess the necessary therapeutic effect.

The drug "Aflubin"

It is an excellent homeopathic remedy that effectively relieves the symptoms of colds and flu. Its use is allowed at any age. It is only important to observe the required dosages.

The taste of the drug is not very pleasant. Therefore, you can dilute the required number of drops in tea or water.

This tool is distinguished by immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, antipyretic properties. It is recommended to use the medicine at the first sign of an illness.

The drug "Interferon"

The product is available in ampoules. Like some of the medicines described above for the prevention of flu and colds in children, this remedy can be used from birth.

Prepare a solution before use. Boiled chilled water (about 2 ml) is injected into an open ampoule to a special mark. The child's nose is buried with the resulting preparation.

Means "Grippferon"

The basis of the drug is the "Interferon" described above. The tool is already completely ready for use. It is not required to breed it. The medicine is stored strictly in the refrigerator. It is also approved for use from birth.

medicines for the prevention of flu and colds

In the bottle, the concentration of the substance "Interferon" is slightly higher than in the independently prepared solution described above. Therefore, crumbs up to a year are buried no more than 5 times a day.

The drug "Arbidol"

For the prevention of flu and colds, medicines for children under 3 years old are used not only those described above. The drug "Arbidol" is effective. However, it should be remembered that the product is allowed to be used only from the age of 2.

The drug perfectly strengthens the immune system. It helps to increase the resistance of the child's body to many viral ailments. The medicine has proven itself as a prophylactic agent.

How to protect pregnant women from illness?

The immunity of a woman preparing to become a mother is weakened. Therefore, she is more likely to catch a cold or catch the flu. Sometimes doctors recommend getting vaccinated before an epidemic for prophylaxis. But in the early stages, it is undesirable.

A pregnant woman should direct all her forces to strengthening the body, increasing immunity. It is recommended to consume a lot of vegetables and fruits, fresh juices. Doctors advise eating a clove of garlic or some green onions.

For preventive purposes, it is useful to use vitamin herbal teas, fruit drinks, compotes. It is recommended to opt for rose hips, cranberries, viburnum, currants. Lemon tea is useful. The use of citrus fruits is effective.

What medicines are allowed to prevent flu and colds? For pregnant women, most of the funds are prohibited. During an epidemic, before leaving the house, it is recommended to lubricate the mucous membrane with "Oxolinic" ointment. You can drip your nose with the drug "Interferon". Before going to bed, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with Calendula or Eucalyptus tincture.

for the prevention of flu and colds medicines for children under 3 years old

In addition, it is important for all family members, during an epidemic, to take appropriate medications for prophylactic purposes.


During cold and damp weather, anyone becomes extremely vulnerable to viruses that provoke colds. In addition, the flu can be not only an unpleasant disease that knocks you out of the usual rhythm of life, but also a rather dangerous phenomenon. Sometimes he leaves behind various complications. Therefore, during an epidemic, you should protect your body from ailments as much as possible. Take quality, effective medications. In this case, excellent protection against viruses is provided to you.

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