Fungus in the throat (candidiasis): causes, treatment

Many people develop an infection in their throat caused by a fungus. There are many such microorganisms in our body, but with strong immunity they are under control and cannot manifest their pathogenic properties. As soon as the body's defenses weaken, they begin to multiply actively, causing various diseases. Fungus of the larynx mucosa is a chronic inflammatory process caused by the Candida fungus. What is this disease and how does it proceed? Let's try to figure it out.

Causes of the development of a fungus in the throat

Candida fungus in the throat occurs in 90% of all cases of fungal infection of the laryngeal mucosa. If favorable conditions are created for him, then he proceeds to intensified reproduction, affecting the mucous membranes. Almost always, this reduces immunity, an imbalance occurs in the composition of the microflora in the throat, or intestinal dysbiosis occurs.

fungus in the throat

Throat candidiasis is caused by the following factors:

  • diseases of the blood, gastrointestinal tract, diabetes mellitus;
  • improper or prolonged use of medicines, mainly antibiotics;
  • lack of vitamins in the body;
  • hypothermia

In any case, a fungal infection of the throat occurs due to reduced immunity. Most often, children and women get sick, in whom a decrease in the body's defenses is observed in connection with a change in hormonal levels and the growth of the body.

Symptoms of a fungus in the throat

If there is a fungus in the throat, its symptoms can be very varied. Regardless of the type of microorganism that caused the disease, common symptoms are distinguished. This is a sore throat, redness, swelling. On the tonsils, tongue, back wall of the pharynx, mycotic foci are formed, resembling a curdled coating of white, yellowish or grayish color. The mucous membrane of the tonsils is damaged and cracked. If the fungus contributed to the development of pharyngitis or sore throat, then weakness occurs and the body temperature rises.

fungus in the throat symptoms

Thus, if a fungus has developed in the throat, its symptoms may be as follows:

  • itching and sore throat;
  • plaque on the pharyngeal mucosa;
  • pain when swallowing;
  • bubbles and cracks in the mucous membranes;
  • increased body temperature, weakness.

Diagnosing a fungus in the throat

An otolaryngologist or pediatrician can suspect candidiasis in the throat, based on the patient's complaints and on the history data. The main way to diagnose the disease is to take a bacterial smear from the patient's oropharynx. As a result, a fungus of the Candida species is usually detected. Also, the patient must pass a blood and urine test.

The likelihood of complications

If the fungus in the throat is ignored and left untreated, the lining of the throat will begin to break down. Ulcers may appear on its surface, and if bacteria enter them, secondary inflammation will occur, abscesses and even abscesses will begin to form.

throat candidiasis

The fungus can spread to other parts of the respiratory tract. If the patient has a very low immunity, then throat candidiasis can turn into a generalized infection, the course of which resembles sepsis. If this complication is not treated in a hospital setting, the likelihood of death is high.

How to cure a fungus?

Treatment for a fungus in the throat begins after the doctor receives the results of all tests. Then he selects the necessary drugs, prescribes the dosage and course of treatment. The result will be more effective with complex therapy, when local remedies are combined with drugs taken by mouth.

If diagnosed with a fungus in the throat, then treatment should be to suppress its growth and development. Antimycotics do well with this. In more severe cases, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics that are more effective against certain types of fungi. In addition, they help the body in the fight against bacterial infection, which can join and contribute to the occurrence of complications such as pericarditis, pyelonephritis, arthritis.

throat fungus treatment

With candidiasis of the throat, antifungal drugs are necessarily prescribed, which are in the form of creams, solutions, ointments and tablets.

In the course of treatment, it is necessary to try to restore the intestinal microflora and increase immunity. This is very important for health, because in this case, pathogenic microorganisms will not develop.

The use of antimycotic drugs

In the event of a fungal disease of the throat, the fungus should be treated using means aimed at eliminating this particular microorganism. The most effective drugs are:

  • Levorin;
  • "Hepilor";
  • "Fluconazole".

The doctor, focusing on the severity of the symptoms, can prescribe only local or complex treatment. "Fluconazole" easily penetrates the bloodstream, spreads throughout the body and has a pronounced therapeutic effect. The drug is also convenient because it is taken once a day.

candida fungus in the throat

If there is no result or a bacterial infection has unexpectedly joined, antibiotics are prescribed, the choice of which is simply huge and many of them have an antifungal effect. In order to recover as quickly as possible, it is recommended to take vitamins, especially of group B, which increase immunity.

Traditional methods of treatment

The fungus in the throat is treated not only with medications, but also with folk remedies. They are completely safe and contribute to the speedy recovery of the patient. Commonly used herbs include celandine, calendula, golden mustache, chamomile, string, and St. John's wort. An infusion of oak bark, sea buckthorn oil and a solution of sea salt have a good effect. You can also gargle your throat with Kalanchoe or cranberry juice.

throat disease fungus

The effectiveness of this method of treatment depends on the complexity of the disease and the regularity of its use. Most often, the patient is completely cured without any complications.

Diet for throat fungus

Compliance with a special diet during treatment is necessary for a speedy recovery. It is recommended to eat lean meat, buckwheat, vegetables, fish, eggs. Fruit can be eaten in small quantities. Of the vegetables, preference should be given to bell peppers, cucumbers, onions, cabbage, tomatoes, garlic, herbs.

It is undesirable for candidiasis of the throat to eat sauerkraut, wheat, barley, dairy products, pickles, rice, rye. Dishes with vinegar and yeast, sweet foods and alcohol are also prohibited.

If these recommendations are followed, a relapse of the disease can be avoided, and the fungus in the throat will never arise again.


With timely treatment of the fungus in the throat, you can be sure that the infection will not spread throughout the body, which means that various complications will not arise. It is necessary to lead an active lifestyle, maintain immunity, and then, even in contact with a sick person, you can not be afraid to catch the fungus.

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