How long do addicts live?

How long do addicts live?

  • It all depends on the severity of the drug and on the "sterility" of its preparation. Even if you take Crocodile, desomorphine. If it is properly prepared, using pure ingredients, then it practically does not harm the body.

  • My opinion. They do not live, they exist. Well, what a life in the eternal high, and then breaking up, robbery, murder, prison, etc. They die young, many from overdose, from HIV, hepatitis and much more, this is a global problem of society, because a person must live! To learn the world, learn, work, raise children, build a house in the end of it all. Life should boil and boil, that is life, I understand. You can't see anything with drugs and you will die. What for? Is it worth knowingly killing yourself? Not. So let's live! And there is no drugs in life!


    in the hearts of loved ones, loved ones and of loved ones

  • A very interesting question!) In general, the duration of a drug addict’s life depends on how hard he uses drugs as well as on the duration of their use! And some drug addicts die from their own greed without calculating the dose!

  • It depends on what and in what form they use, how strong the addiction is. There are drugs. They will lead to the grave in a couple of years, make a complete disabled person in a few months. Basically, it’s about hand-made drugs. If a person periodically smokes weed, or he takes stimulating pills so as not to fall down from fatigue, working in a too tight schedule, then of course it cannot be said that it is useful, but not fatal.

  • Each one has his own time limit, a person and a drug addict.

    Those who, by the breadth of their spiritual and great naivete, say that a drug addict is also a person, or they don't know a damn thing about drug addicts (not about them and about them, but themselves!), Or lie too openly to everyone around them, and even more to themselves.

    The addict really is no longer a man. I am ready to get a lot of minuses for my answer, but I know what I'm talking about. Living under the same roof with drug addicts opens eyes to many things and makes you throw away all unnecessary philanthropic unreality.

    Addicts can live very long. Longer than even he himself would have liked. When their life turns into an empty existence from dose to dose, and when there are no longer any interests in life and the standards of time, then their whole life becomes just a station waiting for a slow death.

    I will not give statistics, but the life of a drug addict is measured by the number of happy cases when he was saved from an overdose or reanimated from side effects. Someone has little experience, while someone has a new birthday every week. But in general, they can live for a very long time. My concrete example is in front of my eyes and is still alive in my active heroin reality for more than 10 years and is not going to die. The organism is tenacious and adaptive to the point of impossibility. So here already - as God willing.

    If, for spiritual reasons .. drug addicts probably live exactly as long as the Lord is ready to forgive them and until they exhaust his trust and hopes until they go. Each has its own term.

  • Drug addicts do not live (if we talk about it in a civilized way), they are like dandelions - in the morning they woke up from a dose, in the evening they fell asleep, and for some there are no longer day-night boundaries. After having sat down on drugs, life ends, people who are in a coma will have more feelings ...

  • Let me answer this question as an expert. All those who spoke out obviously faced the problem of drug addiction only superficially. Drug addiction is a disease, and from any disease, even a cold, you can die in one day, or you can get sick for a long time. But unlike the common cold, drug addiction is not cured. You can get rid of this disease for quite a long time by switching to shock doses of alcohol. Drug addicts die, most often from an overdose or from blood poisoning. With the advent of heavy chemical drugs, cases of overdose and poisoning have become more frequent. Those addicts who live in the so-called "system" live long enough, although this cannot be called life. I know two who are already well over 60, and they have been injecting since childhood. Recently, their peer and like-minded person died. He died of blood poisoning. And further. We must be aware that a drug addict is no longer a person, his whole life fits into a dose. And the fight against drug addiction is everyone's business. Because the problem concerns everyone.

  • My husband is now 36 years old, he grew up in such an area and in an environment where almost all of his classmates, friends in the yard, drank, smoked, injected at school. Almost all of them have either died (more than two-thirds), or are in prison, or have only recently left. Draw your own conclusions.

  • Well, not 20 years! what you have just been told in the "battle of psychics" is nonsense. Or the guy is immensely rich, and injects the purest heroin. and even then ...

  • Ruining people is not beer, ruining people is water. In the east, people smoke, drink tea with hankas, and live until old age. Suppose they do not prick any rubbish, but are they addicts? So, as I understand it, you can live with this ailment. The most important thing is to be human. And most importantly, killing people is not a weapon. people kill people.

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