How is badger fat used in cosmetology?

How is badger fat used in cosmetology?

  • How is badger fat used in cosmetology?

    Badger fat have only a positive effect on the skin. It contains a large amount of vitamins, in particular, the well-known vitamin A, as well as vitamin B2, B5, B12, E (the vitamin of youth) in fat. But there are also quite rare vitamins K and PP. In addition, it contains a large amount of pectins and saponins. And also carotene, trace elements, acids of natural origin and cytamines. Fat is used to maintain the skin in excellent condition, as well as with age-related changes.

    For example, you can make a delicious mask based on fat and honey. The main thing is honey to melt and mix a little in fat in a ratio of two parts of fat and one part of any honey. Apply to the face for twenty minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

    The second way is to make an incredibly useful "elixir". Pour a handful of rosehips with boiling water and insist. Then add a spoonful of fat and drink in several approaches.

    And on the basis of such magic fat, you can make creams that are unique in their properties. Even at home, they are quite simple to prepare. I propose this option - it is using essential oils. They are easy to buy at the pharmacy.

    How is badger fat used in cosmetology?

    There is also a recipe for the face. This is also a cream and it is suitable even for skin with age-related changes.

    How is badger fat used in cosmetology?

    I also add that if the main role of the cream is oil, then preheat it a little. Then mix all the ingredients of our cream with badger fat will be much easier. Drops of essential oil can be easily pipetted if the dispenser is not installed in the vial. By the way, this cream can be used every other day.

  • Badger fat is very useful, and all because it has a huge amount of vitamins, for example, vitamins A and E (the main vitamins of youthful skin). Also in badger fat, there are fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9, which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

    Lubricating the skin with badger oil helps prevent premature aging of the skin, protects the skin from weathering, frostbite and other unfavorable environmental conditions.

    From badger fat, you can make creams and masks at home. The way to prepare them can be found on the Internet.

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