What is a good and safe baby cream?

What is a good and safe baby cream?

  • I buy an ordinary baby cream from the Soviet Union, and it is in hard packaging, not soft.

    What is a good and safe baby cream?

    And I also have D-Panthenol cream, it is allowed for children even from the first days of life and copes well with various peeling, diaper rash, redness. It can be smeared with abrasions and scratches to heal faster. It is inexpensive, but the effect is very good.

  • Looking for what? and in general a good brand Weleda. It is not very cheap, I would even say dear !!! But as an employee of a pharmacy, and it is usually sold in pharmacies or can be ordered through the Internet, I can say that cosmetics are in demand among mothers, as a rule, all customers are satisfied. I'm not an exception!!! My daughter is half a year old, and without hesitation I bought her a cream for diapers, I immediately took two tubes, since through the Internet, but with not frequent use from 1 to 4 times a week, half of the tube remained the first package. I also took a bathing product, it cost about 300 hryvnia, good, but not enough ... in general, I was satisfied !!! besides this there is a huge selection of good cosmetics among other brands. True, you have to pay for the quality accordingly !!! But when it comes to the care, care and comfort of the child, is there a difference how much it costs !!! =))

  • It would be unfair not to mention the savior of many moms, Bepanten, in this discussion, a truly safe toddler cream that you must have in your medicine cabinet. Descpanthenol, which is part of this product, helps to restore the skin in case of any damage. Bapanthen is recommended both for a child for the prevention and treatment of diaper rash and diaper dermatitis, and for a mother for the treatment of nipple cracks.

    A little secret is connected with the use of Bepanten. This product has several forms, the most popular are cream and ointment. If you go to the pharmacy and ask Bepanten, then after a couple of questions you will most likely be given an ointment, a box with a pink stripe.

    What is a good and safe baby cream?

    This is a wonderful ointment, but it is very greasy and does not absorb immediately, which may seem like a disadvantage.

    However, in addition to the ointment, there is a cream Bepanten and Bepanten Plus, which are not as greasy as the ointment and are instantly absorbed. Bepanten Plus cream contains a disinfecting element - chlorhexidine. This may not seem superfluous for the delicate skin of a newborn, every scratch on which requires careful treatment.

    What is a good and safe baby cream?

    What is a good and safe baby cream?

    For older children, Bepanten may be suitable in the form of a lotion, it will help the child's skin heal as soon as possible after all kinds of abrasions, cracks, scratches, it is useful for them to process the child's skin after sunbathing or bathing.

    In general, no matter what trouble happens to the delicate skin of a child, diaper rash or irritation, frostbite or burns, Bepanten will help to cope with this scourge. You can use it from birth, since it does not contain dyes, fragrances, etc., the composition is safe so that it can be used on any part of the skin.

  • In the Russian series of children's cosmetics "Our Mom" ​​there are creams for any purpose. For several years now I have been buying the products of this company, which has been operating in the children's cosmetics market since 2002. It is noteworthy that the same cream can be made from different herbs and a different smell, and the aroma is natural and not intrusive (for example, lavender, chamomile, string). Our mother has creams in various forms of release for all occasions of the baby's life:

    • under the diaper;

    diaper cream
    diaper cream

    • talcum powder protective;

    talcum powder protective

    • sunscreen with SPF30;

    солнцезащитный крем

    • cold cream for walking;

    walking cream

    • special cream for irritation and redness;

    special cream for irritation and redness

    • and even a cream for warming the legs (for example, during a cold at night)

    cream for warming legs

  • My daughters are allergic, so I choose the cream carefully and hypoallergenic. I like the baby cream from the series of German cosmetics "BBHEN" never let down, really expensive. I also like the cream "F-99" bold, sold in pharmacies. If there is any irritation on the skin, I smeared it in half with "Fenistilgel" all took place in a day.

  • I would answer this question about the cream like this: "What is a good and safe baby cream?", I would personally advise using ordinary, inexpensive baby creams, for example, such as:

    • "Baby cream".
    • Tick ​​tock.
  • We used a cream for daily care from the company siberica. Creamy, but expensive. The cream is not greasy. Does not cause allergies in a child. I was satisfied.

    I recommend it is over and I'm going to look for a new pack. It is also a rare infection.

    What is a good and safe baby cream?

    We also use Chanterelle baby cream. Sold in a pharmacy.

  • A good baby cream is a teak so they sell it in a pharmacy and it is in an iron package, it is yellow, this is a really good cream as it was before.

  • Good old "Baby Cream", the same one that was sold in green tubes with a cute bunny painted on them. Now the tubes have a different look, but still the cream is good. It quickly removes irritation on the skin and, moreover, does not stain the laundry.

  • The best and most natural in its components baby cream that I know is La Cree. It copes well with diaper rash, redness, rough cheeks and chapped hands, and also relieves itching and irritation from insect bites. But it is not only good for children, but also for adults. I use it myself for all of the above reasons, except for diaper rash)) By the way, it removes pimples well during the cycle.

  • I am very sorry that when my own children were growing up, I did not have such a cream at hand (or I simply did not know about its existence) as Boro Plus / Boro Plus.

    What is a good and safe baby cream?

    It's different with my granddaughters: their mothers have been using this cream since their birth. The cream perfectly relieves irritation, redness, all sorts of abrasions and scratches. I already told on BV how one of the granddaughters bumped her forehead into the edge of the kitchen table with full swing: a lump like a walnut formed on her forehead instantly. Anointed with this cream, the next morning there was no trace of the lump - like a cow licked it with her tongue.

    I never stop recommending this cream to everyone: it is sold both in pharmacies and in stores. An average tube of cream costs about 45-50 rubles. Has a very pleasant smell and dates a very good result!

  • I really like Bubchen cream, but this is for a diaper, and so the usual Soviet cream is very suitable for us. After it, very soft skin, and in winter, before going out, you can smear open parts of the body with it

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