Can I take antihistamines with alcohol?

Can I take antihistamines with alcohol?

  • No drugs should be used with alcohol at all, let alone antihistamines.

    This combination is extremely bad for the nervous system. In a person, roughly speaking, "blows the roof", who accepted such a combination becomes insane.

    Naturally, the effect of this combination is not only temporary, alcohol and antihistamines are also undermined by health in general, but this effect is not noticeable for the time being.

  • Antihistamines with alcohol cannot be combined categorically !!!

    Everyone probably knows what effect alcohol has on the human body - an exciting, and in large doses, a depressing effect on the nervous system, an irritating effect on the digestive organs, a toxic effect on the liver and the entire body as a whole, etc.

    Alcohol and antihistamines intensify each other's toxic effects. The consequences may not be harmless at all - dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, toxic liver damage, heart rhythm disturbances, drowsiness, lethargy, mental disorders.

    The most dangerous combination of alcohol with first-generation antihistamines. These drugs easily penetrate the central nervous system and cause drowsiness, headaches, impaired attention and coordination of movements, etc. With concomitant use with alcohol, a coma may occur, or death from respiratory arrest or cardiac arrest.

  • There are antihistamines of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation, and the most powerful are antihistamines of the 1st and 2nd generation.

    So, the antihistamines familiar to many are 1 and 2 generation and it is strictly forbidden to take them with alcohol, even if you have a rash or other allergic reaction to the alcohol itself.

    And 3-th generation drugs can be taken, for example, if you have a strong allergy to alcohol, but not when you are allergic to another.

    These 3-generation drugs are not affected so much by the kidneys.

    Can I take antihistamines with alcohol?

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