Can I sunbathe in a tanning nude?

Can I sunbathe in a tanning nude?

  • If you want to get an even tan without a trace from a swimsuit, then of course you can sunbathe in the tanning salon completely naked. Only need to use special stickers on the nipples. And of course, use a special makeup designed for tanning in the solarium that protects the skin.

  • You can sunbathe in the solarium naked without a swimsuit, but safety precautions should be observed. The skin in different parts of the body has a different thickness and it is more prone to burns. It is especially necessary to protect the chest.

  • Of course you can sunbathe and nude. Although, I read a lot about the dangers of tanning beds, that special lamps do not replace them there in time, and that tanning beds abroad are much safer. But in our country you can go to the solarium once in the winter, for example, if the skin is pale. It is better to go to a vertical tanning bed and to have a mirror-like floor, so the legs better tan. Do not forget about the special stickers on the nipples. And the administrator must issue glasses and a rug.

  • Of course, I always sunbathe like that. Why, in a tanning salon, bel, the most important thing is to stick to protect nipples and everything.

  • I always sunbathe without a swimsuit. Why else need a tanning bed? But some parts of the body need to be protected. To protect the nipples of the breast and moles have special stickers. Ask at the reception. To protect the hair, use a hat, you can also ask there. Special glasses are worn on the eyes to protect the cornea. You can sunbathe at the bottom of a swimsuit, for example in a bikini or thong, if you are absolutely afraid.

  • When you come to the solarium give out disposable panties and stickers on the nipples, then you go in and change clothes, no one at the same time follow you and it is possible to sunbathe naked at all.

    There, the screen at each couch and close when you are ready to speak and you turn on the lamp, there did not even look at the girl, and turns off automatically.

  • In a tanning bed, the skin is exposed almost like real sunlight, so you need to take measures in advance as well as on the beach. Sunbathing with an open chest is dangerous, but possible. You yourself choose how you sunbathe, naked or in a swimsuit, you can wear only panties. The first session is very short, preparatory. Therefore, it is better to immediately sunbathe naked at the first session, covering tattoos, large moles and breasts. And then, as the length of the session increases, put on a swimsuit.

  • I always sunbathe in the solarium completely naked, I do not like uneven tan at all! But all the precautions performed. Be sure to put on a tanner in a tanning bed and take special stickers on your chest. I prefer a vertical solarium, but sometimes I go to a horizontal one.

  • It is possible, as well as under the open sun. It is only necessary to consider security measures. Stick stickers on the nipples, if there are big moles, also cover them. It is also advisable to put a hat on your head, so that your hair is not so dry.

  • Yes, nothing terrible will happen. I, too, like most visitors to tanning salons, sunbathed in the tanning salon naked, although at first I was afraid that someone would see me or something. The main thing on nipple halos stick special stickers so as not to irradiate them. They say it can even cause cancer.

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