Folk remedies for nausea. How to get rid of nausea

Everyone knows what nausea is. You can get rid of this state in various ways. At the same time, natural folk remedies for nausea are among the most effective and safe.

folk remedies for nausea

This condition, which pesters a person for a long time, should be a cause for concern, since it can speak of the development of pathological processes or serious diseases. In this case, you need to visit a doctor. But basically, the feeling of nausea occurs with strong excitement, after alcohol consumption, with aversion to odors, indigestion, etc. If you know for sure that nothing threatens your health, you can use any of the popular recipes to alleviate your condition.


Considering folk remedies for nausea, it is necessary to highlight ginger. It is one of the very best natural ways to get rid of this condition. Ginger is very beneficial for the digestive system. It helps block acid secretion in the stomach, which causes vomiting or nausea. Suck on a small piece of ginger or grab some gingerbread for quick relief.

You can also make a mixture of a teaspoon of honey and 5 drops of plant sap. Use this in the morning when you wake up. In addition, ginger tea will help - a spoonful of grated ginger is poured into a glass of water and brewed for 10 minutes. The resulting infusion must be filtered, add a little honey to it and drink. Consume 1-2 cups of this tea during the morning.

Plain water

Water is a wonderful medicine if you have nausea during pregnancy. Folk remedies during this period should be chosen with great care. Women who drink a glass of water every hour are less likely to experience nausea. In addition, it allows your body to stay hydrated, which is of great importance for every pregnant woman, as well as her baby.

for nausea folk remedies

Always keep a glass of water next to your bed. Drink it in small sips as soon as you wake up. Wait a little for the stomach to calm down, then get out of bed. Also drink water throughout the day. It will improve digestion, lift your mood and keep you healthy from the inside out.


Perhaps the most reliable folk remedies for nausea are lemons. The citrus scent has a natural calming effect on the human body, which can prevent vomiting and reduce nausea. In addition, the vitamin C it contains is beneficial for our health.

Squeeze fresh lemon into a glass of water and add some honey. Drink lemon water every morning to start the day without morning sickness. You can even just enjoy the scent of freshly peeled lemon - that way, too, you can relieve the symptoms of vomiting and nausea.

Mint and lemon balm

Many folk remedies for nausea at home allow you to quickly get rid of it. This also applies to mint with lemon balm. To do this, take a couple of tablespoons of dry raw materials, combine them with a glass of hot water and leave to infuse for thirty minutes.

treatment of nausea with folk remedies

It is recommended to immediately drink half of the finished infusion. If relief does not come within an hour, drink the remainder. You can use this remedy for prophylaxis before meals for ½ cup.

Treatment of nausea with folk remedies: dill seeds

Dill seed decoction has proven itself to help relieve nausea caused by upset stomach. To do this, add a teaspoon of dry seeds to a glass of boiling water. Put the resulting mixture on a small fire and boil. The product is then cooled and filtered.

Green tea

Green tea will also save you nausea. Folk remedies in general are distinguished by a mild and gentle effect on the body, like this drink. To eliminate symptoms, it must be drunk regularly throughout the day. It is also helpful to chew dry tea to relieve nausea and suppress vomiting.


For food poisoning, you can use natural juices that will save you from nausea.

nausea during pregnancy folk remedies

Folk remedies include lemon juice, which we mentioned above, and drinks made with blueberries, viburnum, celery root, rhubarb and cranberries. Cabbage pickle has also proven itself well.

Three-leaved watch

A three-leaf watch will help get rid of digestive disorders and frequent nausea. To prepare such a product, you need to combine three tablespoons of a dry plant with ½ liter of boiling water. The resulting product should be infused for about 12 hours. The medicine is taken by a small sip as often as possible.


Starch solution will help to cope with nausea and poisoning. It envelops the mucous membrane, thereby protecting it from irritation. Moreover, it relieves stomach pains. To make it, it is enough to dissolve a spoonful of starch in a glass of water.

Collection for nausea

These symptoms will go away very quickly if you use folk remedies for nausea, such as herbal preparations, to treat them. Mix equal quantities of sandy caraway flowers, marsh calamus root, oregano, Valerian officinalis, coriander fruits, rose hips. Pour a tablespoon of the resulting collection with a glass of hot water, then soak it in a water bath for a couple of minutes. Remove to infuse for an hour, then strain and consume ½ cup three times a day.

remove nausea with folk remedies

Alcohol poisoning

If nausea has appeared due to alcohol poisoning, the following remedies will help to eliminate it:

  • Apple vinegar. Add a spoonful of vinegar to ½ cup water, then drink.
  • Ammonia. Mix 100 ml of water with 10 drops of alcohol and drink the resulting product in one gulp. Repeat the procedure if necessary after about twenty minutes.
  • Egg whites. Separate the whites from the three eggs, shake them thoroughly and drink.


You can remove nausea with folk remedies using fennel. It also relaxes the gastrointestinal tract and aids in digestion, thereby reducing discomfort. In addition, the scent of fennel soothes the stomach. Keep fennel seeds by your bed. Chew them when you feel nauseous.

You can also add a spoonful of fennel seeds to a glass of boiling water. Cover and remove and steep for 10 minutes. Add some honey and lemon juice. Drink this after waking up in the morning.

folk remedies for nausea


A bracelet designed for acupressure is easy to buy today. It will help prevent vomiting and reduce nausea. These bracelets are made on the principles of acupressure. His plates press on certain points on the wrist, from which vomiting and nausea can disappear.

Wear these bracelets on each wrist, between the elbow and the wrist on the lower arm. If you feel a nausea attack, on one bracelet press the button 20 times at intervals of 1 second.

Repeat the same with the second bracelet. Do this for several minutes, due to which the feeling of nausea will begin to pass.

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