Is it too late to give birth in 37 years?

Is it too late to give birth in 37 years?

  • If the first child is late, of course, although Madonna in 42 gave birth, my wife is second in 36 and nothing, if there is an opportunity to go abroad so that there would take delivery then it is better to leave. I mean civilized countries, where in the case of some surprises there are medical personnel and medicines, because even I. Kobzon does not trust his doctors.

  • Answering your question, I will say that it's late! Late giving birth in 37 years, because, think, now a woman in 30 years is considered late-giving. My mother also gave birth to 42, but it is difficult for both the child and mother. In addition, it was in 70's, and then it was different.

  • No it's not too late, even if the first-born. If the mother with health is all right, everything will be fine. At the brother the wife of the last has given birth in 43, anything, the boy runs, soon 2 of year already will be, live, hooliganous. So it's all more stereotypes, it happens in 40, the women of the firstborns are bred, to whom as lucky.

  • If the child is desired, it is never too late. The woman has already taken place in her career, a number of ideas have been implemented, the question of housing has already been settled and there are still forces to raise a child. At us the friend of the first child has given birth in 38, the second in 40, certainly two it is heavy, but there are assistants and she is happy with the daughters

  • No, it's not too late. I gave birth to my son at 37. The difference with the eldest daughter is 15 years, with the middle one - 11. Now the boy is 17 years old. He turned out to be a very good boy.

  • At thirty-seven years, two or three more can have time to give birth. Our neighbor gave birth at forty-three years old and nothing - is happy. The wheelchair rolls around. Well done. Boldly, of course, but why not. Children are flowers of life. Be fruitful and multiply!

  • No, it's not late. My mom gave birth to me at 35 years, my health is quite decent, I was not sick at all in my childhood.

    Give birth and later, there is nothing terrible in this.

    The main thing is to want this child very much, and adjust yourself only to positive things.

    And of course, carefully monitor your health, give up bad habits (if they were 0 and lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Late babies are the most beloved, mother is already fully ready for motherhood.

  • At 37 - that's it!

    By this age, usually with work-housing, everything was determined, life is arranged and there are not those material problems as in 20 years! Men to this age, too, are more responsible and meaningful approach to paternity, and this is also important!

    So dare, if conditions permit and health, do not look back at anyone!

  • No, it's not too late, do not take a sin on your soul, do not try to have an abortion, then you'll be swearing your whole life, my wife gave birth to me at forty-six, and the girl is now ALIVE, goes to school, and my friend, at the request of his wife, made an abortion in twenty-two years, and now, he even even accuses why they do not have children, so it's not too late, give birth to health, God help you!

  • Of course not.

    Recently, this topic was discussed. We just decided for some reason that after 30 already

    watchdog. In fact, there is a risk at any age.

    The main thing is that the body was strong and hardy. And that there were forces to raise children.

  • It's not too late. And in general, this is such a difficult question, to which the phrase "Better late than never!" Fits perfectly. And if not IVF at all, but the body did everything itself (natural pregnancy, not synthetic, without the participation of third parties), then this is now an achievement in general - it means that the state of the body is fighting, hormones are more or less, the egg is full. And the child may be very healthy.

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