At night my ear ached. Your actions?

At night my ear ached. Your actions?

  • I get up, looking for vodka or alcohol at home or some kind of calendula tincture, propolis or anything else I can find. I wet the cotton wool, put it in my ear, drink a couple of painkillers, set the alarm for seven hours and go to bed.

    It’s useless to search for ear drops at home, they are not there anyway, to go in the middle of the night to the emergency room, where I don’t really make sense. And I can fall asleep with almost any severe pain.

  • There are special ear drops, their name is Otipaks. So it was they who rescued more than once at nights when the child just howled in pain.

    Now there is always a first aid kit.

  • If suddenly the first signs of pain in the ear appear at night, most likely an inflammatory process occurs, perhaps these are the first symptoms of otitis media, in which case - By the way, contact your ENT doctor for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

    But, in the meantime .... you can use it under manual means, to alleviate the symptom, by the way, drip a warm solution into the ear - "hydrogen peroxide or boric alcohol (acid) ", then heat the tissue and apply it warmly in the diseased ear, and try to fall asleep in order to go to the clinic in the morning to see a doctor.

    If you suspect otitis media, I often use "hydrogen peroxide or boric acid", warm tissue - the condition usually improves.

    As for other drugs for ear inflammation, it is better not to drip, not knowing the exact diagnosis, but assuming that the condition can be worsened with drugs.

    Be healthy, do not get sick!

  • If the ear hurts at night and there is no way to get to the doctor, the first thing to do is to press your finger on the so-called "tragus" (the protrusion in front of the opening of the external auditory opening). The appearance of acute pain when pressing is a sign of otitis media, which means that you should not delay with a visit to a specialist.

    How to alleviate the condition?

    1 - instill vasoconstrictor drops (naphthyzin, nasol ...) into the nose - this will reduce the edema of the mucous membrane of the Eustachian tube.

    2 - drip otinum, otipax, sofradex into the ear ... - they have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

    Antiseptic warming solutions (boric acid, propolis infusion ...) and warming compresses can only be used if there are no signs of otitis media and temperature, otherwise it will only harm).

    3 - the ear should be warm (cotton wool, scarf or cap).

    With properly prescribed treatment, otitis media, even purulent is treated quite quickly and without any special consequences. But lost time during self-treatment is fraught with serious problems - from chronic otitis media, to complete hearing loss and such a serious complication as purulent meningitis.

  • If there is already pain in the ear, then there is inflammation there. Of course, it is best to contact the ENT, but if there is no possibility, you can buy and bury drops of ciprolet or Candibiotic 3 times a day (ENT will prescribe this to you). After the procedure 5 min. lie down so that the medicine gets to where it is needed and works. The course of treatment is 7 days. This is an antibiotic and will not work immediately, so if the pain is severe, you can take pain relievers.

  • In addition to Otipaks, you can drip Otizol (excellent drops), which is also cheap, but the surest remedy is camphor oil (pre-heated in a water bath) or boric alcohol. These drops should always be in the first-aid kit in case of need.

  • Recall the events of the previous evening that led to the illness. Or hope that everything will pass, if the case is not difficult, or drip "Otipax", these drops have, among other things, an analgesic effect. But it never hurt.

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