Why headache before menstruation: possible causes and treatment

Every month, women have to endure several difficult days, accompanied by various unpleasant symptoms. In addition, the so-called PMS occurs before each period. Some girls ask themselves: why does the head hurt before menstruation? What caused such a reaction of the body? We will talk about this and many other things below.


why does the head hurt before menstruation

A few days before the onset of menstruation got their name - premenstrual syndrome. It is characterized by increased nervous irritability and excitability. Progesterone accumulated in the middle of the cycle is to blame. Its level drops sharply during the period of PMS, which is why before menstruation there is a headache and nausea. In this situation, girls need to refrain from strong physical exertion. In addition, salty foods can also cause headaches. It retains fluid in the body. For this reason, the pressure rises. Against the background of a hormonal shake-up, this can cause unbearable pain.

It is also better to have with you pain relievers that are right for you and time-tested.


why does a headache and feel sick before menstruation

Knowing the information about why the head hurts before menstruation, it is necessary to remember about other accompanying symptoms with premenstrual syndrome:

  • Engorgement of the mammary glands. The level of hormones changes, the breasts increase. Some women complain about the inability to touch their nipples due to severe pain.
  • Pulls the lower back and lower abdomen. A similar symptom occurs in the first weeks of pregnancy.
  • Change of mood. Any little thing can easily lose his temper, and the most innocuous film can move to the core.
  • Change in appetite. Some begin to absorb everything, others, on the contrary, complain about the reluctance to eat.
  • Insomnia. The increased excitability can deprive you of sleep for several days. In this case, it is better to take some sedative beforehand.
  • Weakness and tired feeling.
  • Many people complain of intestinal upset. It is also a consequence of changes in hormonal levels.
  • Migraine.

All of these symptoms are temporary and go away with menstruation. They are not related to your immune system or nervous system disorder.


Now it is worth mentioning why before menstruation and during the headache. There can be many reasons, but they are all associated primarily with a hormonal surge. The body has been preparing for pregnancy throughout the month. To carry a future fetus, he accumulated progesterone. However, fertilization did not occur, and the body is simply obliged to return everything to its previous state. Therefore, before menstruation, the level of progesterone drops sharply. The woman, in turn, feels how her body begins to behave unpredictably. Headache is one of the most unpleasant consequences of this.

Another hormone, estrogen, also changes during PMS. Because of it, swelling, heaviness in the muscles can be felt. This is due to fluid retention, which increases blood pressure and causes headache.

It is possible that another reason is the use of oral contraceptives. While the female body gets used to the monthly suppression of ovulation, a restructuring of reproductive function occurs. This may be the answer to the question of why there is a strong headache before menstruation.

The next reason is the woman's emotional overload. If the fair sex during this period is in a state of depression, then a headache is almost inevitable. The tension created by stress can prolong the PMS period and even cause a delay. It is recommended to take sedatives in such a situation.

Headache before menstruation. What to do?

why does the head hurt a lot before menstruation

If this happens systematically for a long time, then the doctor can easily answer this question. Better to see a therapist or neurologist. He will prescribe the necessary treatment. When the pain is intermittent, analgesics can be used. True, it is highly discouraged to abuse them. They will only temporarily mask the discomfort. After all, it's not about the inflammatory process, but about hormones. And, as you know, no analgesics can cure them. You may need to take some special medications to balance your hormone levels.

The doctor will definitely advise you to rest as much as possible during this period. But that doesn't mean you have to take time off from work and spend all day in bed watching TV. Rest means unhurried walks for at least an hour a day and sound, healthy sleep.

Folk methods

Now you know why you have a headache before your period. The main task now is to get rid of it. In addition to drug treatment, there are alternative methods. Of course, their effectiveness has not been proven, but at the moment when there is no more strength to endure pain, all means will do.

To begin with, it should be noted that it will not be superfluous to go in for sports. It tones the body, helps to endure stressful situations more easily. The pool is excellent in this matter. Get a subscription and attend water aerobics before your period or just swim for fun. Water relieves muscle tension and improves your mood. This will help relieve headaches.

why does the head hurt before menstruation how to help

From folk methods, you can try aromatherapy. Lavender and eucalyptus oils relieve pain for a short time. You can apply a cold towel to your forehead and temples. It also relieves these symptoms.

Diet is mandatory during this period. Try not to eat anything salty, smoked or fried, so as not to increase blood pressure. It is also recommended to drink fresh potato juice daily. It will definitely not bring harm, and, perhaps, will help solve this problem.


headache before menstruation causes and treatment

This is the most severe form of headache. Migraine is treated only by doctors, it is almost impossible to get rid of it on your own. This is severe, paroxysmal pain. Women suffer from it not only during menstruation, but also in other situations. Do not delay the treatment of this insidious ailment. See your doctor who will explain why your head hurts before your period, how to help with the onset of migraines. To begin with, you will be told about its main features:

  • The pain is unbearable, hard to bear.
  • The attack can last for several hours.
  • No pain medications work.
  • Nausea or vomiting is almost always associated with migraines.
  • Localization of pain in a separate part of the head, and not the whole.
  • Irritation from bright light.

If you notice these signs in yourself, do not self-medicate. It could be made worse. Consult a neurologist immediately.


The main thing to understand is that pain is caused by hormonal changes. To relieve symptoms, you need to take this matter seriously and early. Knowing why you have a headache before your period can help you prevent it yourself. But still, there are some universal recommendations that will suit everyone.

headache before menstruation what to do

If you follow them, then the headache can be completely avoided:

  1. Give up addictions. These include smoking and, of course, drinking. They can provoke pain.
  2. Observe the same daily routine. You need to get enough sleep, especially before your period.
  3. Take a walk in the fresh air. Better go to a park where there is no gassed air.
  4. Never let migraine treatment take its course. If you notice that the pain continues not only before and during menstruation, this is a reason to run to the doctor.


why before menstruation and during the headache

In this article, we have explored why a head hurts before menstruation. The causes and treatment are now known to you. Our advice is for guidance only. If you manage to get rid of the pain without the help of a doctor, be on the lookout anyway. They can come back again. Love yourself and get treatment on time!

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