Heart bypass surgery: what it is, how long they live. Heart bypass surgery: how long they live after surgery (reviews, statistics)

Modern medicine makes it possible to perform complex operations and literally bring back to life people who have lost all hope. However, this kind of intervention is associated with certain risks and dangers. This is exactly what cardiac bypass surgery is. What it is? How many people live after the operation, we will talk about this in more detail.

heart bypass surgery what is it how long live

Heart bypass surgery: history, first operation

What is cardiac bypass surgery? How long do you live after surgery? And most importantly, what do people who are lucky enough to get a second chance for a completely new life say about her?

Bypass surgery is an operation performed on the vessels. It is she who allows you to normalize and restore blood circulation throughout the body and in individual organs. For the first time such a surgical intervention was performed in May 1960. A successful operation performed by American physician Robert Hans Getz took place at the A. Einstein Medical College.

What is the essence of surgical intervention

Bypass surgery is the artificial creation of a new pathway for blood flow. In this case, heart surgery is performed using vascular shunts, which specialists find in the internal thoracic artery of the patients themselves who need surgery. In particular, for this purpose, doctors use either the radial artery in the arm or a large vein in the leg.

This is how the bypass of the heart takes place. What it is? How many people live after it - these are the main questions that interest those suffering who are faced with problems of the cardiovascular system. We will try to answer them.

heart bypass surgery how long they live after surgery

When should cardiac bypass surgery be performed?

According to many experts, surgical intervention is an extreme measure, which must be resorted to only in exceptional cases. One of these problems is considered ischemic or coronary heart disease, as well as atherosclerosis with similar symptoms.

Recall that this disease is also associated with excess cholesterol. However, unlike ischemia, this ailment contributes to the creation of a kind of plugs or plaques that completely block the vessels.

Do you want to know how long they live after bypass grafting of the heart vessels, and whether it is worth doing such an operation for people in old age? To do this, we have collected answers and advice from experts who, we hope, will help you figure it out.

So, the danger of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis lies in the excessive accumulation of cholesterol in the body, the excess of which inevitably affects the vessels of the heart and blocks them. As a result, they narrow and stop supplying oxygen to the body.

heart bypass surgery how many live after surgery reviews

In order to return a person to normal life, doctors, as a rule, advise cardiac bypass surgery. How long do patients live after the operation, how it goes, how long the rehabilitation process lasts, how the daily routine of a person who underwent bypass surgery changes - all this should be known to those who are just thinking about a possible surgical intervention. And most importantly, you need to get a positive psychological attitude. To do this, future patients, shortly before the operation, should enlist the moral support of close relatives and hold a conversation with their attending physician.

What is heart bypass surgery?

Cardiac bypass grafting, or CABG for short, is conventionally divided into 3 types:

  • single;
  • double;
  • triple.

In particular, such a division into types is associated with the degree of damage to the human vascular system. That is, if a patient has a problem with only one artery requiring a single bypass, then this is a single, with two - double, and with three - triple bypass. What it is, how long people live after surgery, can be judged by some reviews.

how many live after bypass grafting of the heart vessels reviews

What are the preparatory procedures before bypass surgery?

Before the operation, the patient must undergo coronary angiography (a method for diagnosing coronary cardiac vessels), pass a number of tests, receive a cardiogram and ultrasound examination data.

The preparatory preoperative process itself begins about 10 days before the announced date of bypass surgery. At this time, along with the tests and examination, the patient is taught a special breathing technique, which will subsequently help him recover from the operation.

How long does the operation last?

The duration of CABG depends on the patient's condition and the complexity of the surgical intervention. As a rule, the operation is performed under general anesthesia, and in time it takes from 3 to 6 hours.

This work is very time-consuming and exhausting, therefore, a team of specialists can perform only one cardiac bypass. How long they live after the operation (the statistics given in the article allow us to find out this) depends on the experience of the surgeon, the quality of CABG and the recovery capabilities of the patient's body.

What happens to the patient after surgery?

After surgery, the patient usually goes to intensive care, where he undergoes a short course of restorative breathing procedures. Depending on the individual characteristics and capabilities of each, the stay in intensive care may well last for 10 days. Then the operated person is sent for subsequent recovery to a special rehabilitation center.

The seams are usually carefully treated with antiseptics. In case of successful healing, they are removed for about 5-7 days. Often in the area of ​​the seams there is a burning sensation and pulling pain. After about 4-5 days, all side symptoms disappear. And after 7-14 days, the patient can already take a shower on his own.

Bypass surgery statistics

Various studies, statistics and sociological surveys of both domestic and foreign specialists speak about the number of successful operations and people who have undergone similar and completely changed their lives.

According to ongoing studies on bypass surgery, death was observed in only 2% of patients. This analysis was based on the case histories of approximately 60 patients.

According to statistics, the most difficult is the postoperative process. In this case, the survival rate after a year of life with a renewed respiratory system is 97%. At the same time, a lot of factors affect the favorable outcome of surgery in patients, including the individual tolerance of anesthesia, the state of the immune system, the presence of other diseases and pathologies.

heart bypass surgery what is it how many live with a heart defect

In this study, the experts also used data from medical history. This time 1041 people took part in the experiment. According to the test data, about 200 studied patients not only safely transferred the implantation into their body, but also managed to live up to the age of ninety.

Does heart bypass surgery help with defects? What it is? How long do you live with a heart defect after surgery? Such topics are also of interest to patients. It is worth noting that in severe cardiac anomalies, surgical intervention can become an acceptable solution and significantly prolong the life of such patients.

Heart bypass surgery: how long do you live after surgery (reviews)

Most often, CABG helps people live without problems for several years. Contrary to the misconception, the shunt created during surgery does not clog even after ten years. According to Israeli experts, the implantable implants can last 10-15 years.

However, before agreeing to such an operation, you should not only consult with a specialist, but also study in detail the reviews of those people whose relatives or friends have already used the unique bypass method.

For example, some patients who underwent heart surgery claim that after CABG they felt relief: it became easier to breathe, and pain in the chest region disappeared. Hence, heart bypass surgery helped them a lot. How long they live after the operation, reviews of people who actually got a second chance - you will find information about this in this article.

heart bypass surgery how long do people live after surgery statistics

Many argue that their relatives recovered for a long time after anesthesia and rehabilitation procedures. There are patients who say that they underwent surgery 9-10 years ago and are now doing well. At the same time, heart attacks did not recur.

Do you want to know how long you live after bypass grafting of the heart vessels? Feedback from people who have undergone a similar operation will help you with this. For example, some argue that it all depends on the specialists and their skill level. Many are satisfied with the quality of such operations carried out abroad. There are reviews of mid-level domestic medics who personally observed patients who underwent this complex intervention, who were able to move independently for 2-3 days. But in general, everything is purely individual, and each case should be considered separately. It happened that those operated on led an active lifestyle more than 16-20 years after they underwent coronary artery bypass grafting. What it is, how long people live after CABG, now you know.

What do experts say about life after surgery?

According to cardiac surgeons, a person can live 10-20 years or more after heart bypass surgery. Everything is purely individual. However, experts believe that for this it is necessary to regularly visit the attending physician and cardiologist, be examined, monitor the condition of the implants, follow a special diet and conduct moderate, but daily physical activity.

According to leading doctors, not only elderly people, but also younger patients, for example, with a heart defect, may need surgery. They assure that the young organism recovers faster after the operation and the healing process is more dynamic. But this does not mean at all that one should be afraid of doing bypass surgery in adulthood. According to experts, heart surgery is a necessity that will prolong life by at least 10-15 years.

how many years do they live after heart bypass surgery

Summary: As you can see, how many years people live after heart bypass surgery depends on many factors, including the individual characteristics of the body. But the fact that the chance for survival is worth using is an indisputable fact.

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