How many times a year can I do MRI of the spine?

How many times a year can I do MRI of the spine?

  • As doctors say, "MRI is a safe procedure based on electromagnetic characteristics." There is no evidence that MRI is harmful to health. The only drawback is that when the study lasts about an hour, it is difficult to lie still for such a time.

  • How many times a year can I do MRI of the spine?

    MRI is the most harmless procedure for a person of all irradiating methods. It can be done as much as you like, as there is no ionizing radiation. The only inconvenience is that the procedure lasts a long time.

  • There are no restrictions on magnetic resonance imaging studies. None of the instructions say that you should monitor the quantity. Thus, MRI of the spine can be done as often as the orthopedic surgeon will find necessary.

  • An MRI is not an x-ray, as much as you need — as much as you can. The main thing is to quickly identify the problem, right?

  • I think every day. Only, firstly, it is not necessary, and secondly, it is very expensive After all, the devices are imported and cost millions of dollars. You wrote correctly that MRI is magnetic resonance imaging. In fact, this is the same as NMR - nuclear magnetic resonance (in this particular case, resonance on protons, that is, on hydrogen atoms in water, which is abundant in almost all organs). There is no radiation there, no X-rays (as, for example, with a tooth sim card), and even more so - gamma radiation, as from radioactive substances. And there seems to be no harm from the magnetic field. Anyway, no one has yet proven otherwise.

  • MRI is considered a completely harmless procedure and I think it is. I have come across a strictly opposite opinion, but, in my opinion, most of those who wrote about the negative consequences of MRI simply twisted themselves during the study, as a result of which they faced headaches, high blood pressure and other signs of stress.

    As far as I know, doctors do not put any special contraindications for the frequency of the MRI. You can do it as many times a year as needed.

    I did an MRI of the spine once. I had enough. In that year, for ten days, I had to do an MRI of the head three times (twice the pituitary gland, once the brain). I did not notice any particular sensations or anything bad in myself.

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