Why do pregnant women necessarily pass a dentist?

Why do pregnant women necessarily pass a dentist?

  • Hmm. I'll tell you how they pass it. They come to the dentist, he says: "Ah, pregnant, give me a referral." They write there that they are healthy, and goodbye. At least this is the behavior of all our dentists. I went through it like that 🙂

    And if the dentist really responsibly approaches his profession, then it is necessary to prevent more serious dental problems in future mothers.

  • Teeth may deteriorate during pregnancy, due to lack of calcium in the body.

    It is better to cure those teeth that need treatment at the stage of pregnancy. Than later, when you have already given birth to get a toothache. There, in general, you will not care for yourself, just keep up with the child to follow and feed him. And if in one of the sleepless nights, and even a tooth ache? This is hell to be! So, you need to go, and not be afraid of anything)

  • Pregnant women are sent for examination to many specialists, including a dentist. The fact is that during pregnancy, the future child takes a lot of useful things from the mother's body, including Calcium, and as a result, caries appears, and this is the source of infection. Then the woman will have to breastfeed the baby, which will also contribute to the loss of calcium. So you need to treat your teeth if you need or just to control their condition. And more often during pregnancy gums can bleed and you need to treat them too. Sometimes it's enough just to pick the right toothpaste.

  • A growing fetus needs calcium to build a skeleton; it takes it from the mother's body. Therefore, teeth are more often affected by caries during pregnancy. And a bad tooth is a source of chronic infection that poses a danger to both the expectant mother and the fetus. Therefore, during pregnancy, the dentist must be visited, and more than once. You should not be afraid to treat your teeth, since modern dentistry has filling materials and anesthetics that are safe for the health of the unborn child.

  • During pregnancy, a greater risk of caries, gingvit and other diseases in the oral cavity, as the immune system is weakened and can not always cope with pathogenic organisms. Well, yes, all the necessary trace elements for the skeleton structure, including calcium, the fetus takes from the bones of the mother.

  • This is another reason for a routine check-up, and to identify potential hazards in terms of infections that can be activated during pregnancy at the most inconvenient moment when no medications or interventions can be applied.

  • She also underwent a dentist during pregnancy and even treated her teeth.

    And this doctor is sent to undergo the following: firstly, the expectant mother should be healthy, since this is a guarantee of the health of the newborn, and when the child is formed, he of course draws all the healthy microelements from the body, including calcium.

    And if the teeth are not very good, and then the child also pulls the calcium, if not treated in time, then after the birth, you can lose many teeth.

    So they send a dentist to go through so that the teeth are in perfect order.

    By the way, I treated my teeth during the second trimester, the doctor was very attentive, still grateful to him for having taken hold of me.

    And yes, it is better to treat your teeth during pregnancy, when a baby is born, it will definitely not be up to that.

    Why do pregnant women necessarily pass a dentist?

  • I was even twice sent to the dentist during pregnancy, so this is a must. I was also reworked as the tooth ached under it, the second time I complained about the pain and eventually opened something in the gum and put stitches in, the tooth ached terribly, which is why it was probably sent, I complained myself.

    There is nothing wrong with that, they treated me very scrupulously, everyone ran around me, apparently they were afraid that they would have a face ... seeing my belly, I was in the last month.

  • The first reason to visit the dentist and exclude oral diseases (caries in the first place) is possible spread of pathogenic bacteria throughout the body... They say that tooth decay is a breeding ground for such bacteria. During pregnancy, such unfavorable factors must be excluded to the maximum, therefore, pregnant women are forced to treat their teeth. I don’t know how in other regions, but our dentists don’t even sign documents during examination if the teeth are not treated. Although I can't imagine how some especially sensitive women, pathologically afraid of dentists, treat their teeth during pregnancy. It's so stressful!

  • I am a dentist and for a long time I worked in multi-profile medical centers in Moscow, where women were monitored for the entire period of their pregnancy. I can confidently say that pregnant women are prone to caries many times more often than not pregnant women. The fact is that for the formation of the skeleton of the future child calcium and teeth are needed, not being essentially vital, they are the source of calcium for the formation of the fetal skeleton. Although it is debatable. I treat teeth to pregnant women even at the end of the 9 month. It is very important that during the birth period, the Mamma's mouth is completely sanitized, because caries is a source of infection, the same staphylococci or streptococci. So why put a baby with very close contact with additional risks? I advise all future Moms to carefully and thoroughly approach this issue.

    Why do pregnant women necessarily pass a dentist?

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