Herbal teas for weight loss

In order to bring your weight back to normal, there are many opportunities, for example, herbal decoctions for weight loss can effectively help in this.

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What is the basis of the ability of these drinks to help in weight loss and what should be considered when using such products? Let's try to answer these questions in a popular and unbiased form.

Factors of the effectiveness of decoctions for weight loss

Different herbs and plants have different effects on the body. We list the main factors recommended for losing weight teas and decoctions, leading over time to a decrease in body weight:

  1. Appetite suppression.
  2. Diuretic action.
  3. Normalization of the activity of internal organs and cleaning the body from toxins.
  4. Energy component.
Herbal decoction for weight loss - benefits

And now - in more detail about each factor

Appetite suppression - for weight loss

As you know, there are substances that can either enhance appetite (for example, various spices), or weaken it. By suppressing the feeling of hunger, you can achieve a reduction in the amount of food intake and, as a result, some weight loss. A number of herbs and plant products have this effect, for example, flax seeds, plantain leaves, nettle and others.

Lose weight - appetite suppression

You should know that in the diencephalon there is a so-called food center, which contains both control over the feeling of hunger and over the feeling of satiety. Disruptions to this center are common and can cause eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and overeating.

It must be remembered that appetite suppression is fraught with serious health complications. The feeling of hunger and the need to satisfy it are natural "signalmen", warning about the need for a snack, and simply suppressing their urges, you can harm yourself. It is highly desirable to use appetite suppressants under the supervision of a dietitian.

Diuretic effect in slimming decoctions

The excretory processes of the body, in particular, the elimination of harmful substances through urine, are designed to cleanse and heal our body. By enhancing the process of urination through the consumption of fluids or certain substances, it is possible to achieve an acceleration of metabolism and, as a consequence, a decrease in body weight.

But again, the consequences are worth considering. Indeed, along with the acceleration of metabolic processes, dehydration, which is harmful to the body, is also observed, from which, by the way, many people suffer, even in places rich in water resources.

Diuretic decoctions for weight loss

Also, with an increase in urine flow, along with the "spent" substances, valuable trace elements and nutrients are often irretrievably lost. Therefore, use herbal teas for weight loss with a diuretic effect should be done with caution and being monitored by a doctor.

Normalization of the activity of internal organs for weight loss

The liver, gallbladder, pancreas, being auxiliary organs of the digestive system along with the gastrointestinal tract, can begin to work incorrectly, which is associated with a number of reasons. Excessive completeness is often a consequence of such violations.

Teas for weight loss based on dandelion, barberry, alfalfa and other herbs and roots perform several functions: saturation with useful substances, cleaning from toxins and harmful substances (using their "binding", as well as the use of a laxative effect), have a general strengthening effect on the body ...

But even with this kind of broth, you need to be more careful. After all, the terms "herbal tea", "herbal tea" do not automatically imply complete harmlessness. For example, a person may have an individual intolerance to any of the substances included in the decoction, and instead of the expected cleaning, there may often be the opposite effect - the appearance of kidney or liver stones. So, before starting the fight against excess weight, make it a rule to consult with a trusted nutritionist.

The energy component in slimming broths

What is meant? Burning fat is a buzzword among many people today. And there are substances that actively cope with this task. They act as stimulants, prompting the body to burn more calories than normal.

Such substances are also found in some plants and are called thermogenic. For example, bodybuilders widely use the phenomenon of thermogenesis - the production of heat by the human body - to reduce fat reserves, accelerate their metabolism. They do this with the help of special thermogenic preparations of purely vegetable or synthetic origin.

Stimulants, of course, need to be used systemically and under the supervision of a doctor, as otherwise they can harm health.

Slimming broths: let's be more careful and more attentive!

What else should you remember when deciding to use herbal decoctions to improve your figure and overall well-being?

First, there is no panacea in this case. Each person has his own characteristics and contraindications, and what will help one person may turn out to be ineffective or harmful for another.

Secondly, the effect may not be so quick, but it will be if, in combination with the use of such teas, you lead a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet.

Be careful when losing weight on herbal decoctions

Thirdly, you need to follow the recipe and prescriptions, and also not go too far with regard to dosages and amount of drinking. And of course, when purchasing herbal preparations for weight loss in a pharmacy, ask the seller about the availability of certificates and supporting documents.

Fourth, be careful with herbal teas in case of various chronic diseases, for example, allergies, phenylketonuria, diseases of the digestive or circulatory systems, etc.

And it should be remembered that "miracle diets" or magic means a la "getting rid of 7 kg of excess weight in a week" are often just marketing delights aimed at pumping money from our pockets to dishonest people.

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