20 years old, never had a girl. And it won't?

20 years old, never had a girl. And it won't?

  • Why give up? You have experience of sexual activity, you know how to kiss. Some women don't need anything else. Don't dwell on your shortcomings. Just live without making the desire to find a girl an end in itself. Walk in a company, communicate, do not try to seem neither better nor worse, nor seduce or defeat someone. Enjoy life, but don't go downhill.

    If you are not interested in peers, pay attention to older women. Thirty-year-olds, for example, now look chic, independent. And, if you are still alone, then they will surround you with especially quivering love and care.

    A man will never be left alone! I knew only one "stayed up" until almost 40. But he and his mother lived well. You are not like that!

  • My cousin has a fat, freckled, baggy, country boyfriend, there was no girlfriend for a long time, my sister and I were in a complex, advised him to get acquainted with an older woman, he apparently listened to our advice, met a woman with a child, he was 27 years old at that time. 28, now his second son was born, he himself is now 36. A man may not be handsome, the main thing is neat, smell good and take the first step towards a meeting and everything will work out, do not despair if you are immediately refused.

  • Lack of beauty is not a sentence. I heard the opinion of women that beauty is not the main thing in a man. The main thing is to be a good man in the eyes of women (kind, brave, I don’t know, they know better). Well, about boredom, you can change yourself. It is possible. Be, become others and you will succeed.

  • Everything depends on you if you continue to think in the same way, then most likely it will be so, I probably heard that thoughts are material, so this is really so, but in fact everything is in your hands the main thing is to do something and something will

  • Each creature has a pair. 20 years is not new, only if you are not going to die tomorrow. The main thing in a relationship is to be in harmony with oneself, this is the main foundation, without this in any way. Then you need to know exactly what you want, the girls will not go to you if you are not corny decisive. Be yourself and everything will work out.

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