Alexey Vorobyov and Natalia Gorozhanova will be together?

Alexey Vorobyov and Natalia Gorozhanova will be together?

  • Natalia Gorozhanova is one of the most beautiful and spectacular girls in the fourth season of "The Bachelor" and, of course, she has a chance to stay with Alexei Vorobyov. Moreover, even in the very first issue, she managed to make a very pleasant impression on the Bachelor and was the first to receive a rose on the show.

    But, it means practically nothing. This is primarily a show and everything happens according to a certain scenario. And in life, not a single Bachelor has ever reached the altar with his chosen one. I don't think Vorobyov came to the show for his wife. Maximum, spend a pleasant time with a beautiful girl, or even more than one.

    Although, what the hell is not kidding ...

  • I do not think so. Even if Natalya becomes the winner, this is far from a guarantee that outside the project they will have a relationship with Vorobyov. An example of this is the previous seasons, when bachelors remained bachelors. Moreover, Alexei Vorobyov is a rather complex person, it seems to me.

  • Alexey Vorobyov and Natalia Gorozhanova will be together?

    In the first issue of the fourth season of the "Bachelor" project on TNT, the main character, namely Alexei Vorobyov, admitted that his longest relationship lasted only eight months. In addition, Alexei noted that he is far from the most romantic person.

    Considering these factors, we can already say that, perhaps, within the framework of a television show, when relations, due to the swiftness of choice, are built on first falling in love and emotional outbursts, maybe Alexei will enthusiastically speak about Natalia Gorozhanova by the end, who immediately hooked him ... In this matter, it is important to understand that this is only the first step towards a long and serious relationship. Much depends on the guys themselves and their ability to compromise.

    Alexey Vorobyov and Natalia Gorozhanova will be together?

  • The possibility that it is Natalya Gorozhanova who will become the chosen one of Alexei Vorobyov, of course, is. But - the singer still has a lot of time to get to know the participants, it is possible that other girls, opening up, overshadow the first impression made by Natalia.

    All of Vorobyov's attraction is now based on an attractive appearance and the similarity of characters - you can fall in love with this, but you cannot fall in love with it.

    In addition, we remember that winning in the framework of the show does not mean that the hero and the winner will be together in real life - everything is beautiful on the show and without problems, so the couple will have many tests after the finale, take at least a joint life and addiction to the characteristics of each other.

  • The show "The Bachelor" has just begun, and the audience is already worried who will stay with Alexei Vorobyov. The creators of the show, as always, twirled the intrigue. At the beginning of one of the episodes, a frame flashed from which many concluded that Natalya Gorozhanova would reach the final of the show.

    Even if this happens, it is not a fact that Alexei Vorobyov, after the show, will want to connect his life with one of the participants.

    If we take the experience of all previous programs, then we can conclude that this is just a show.

    And as I have written many times, you cannot build your love in front of millions of viewers under camera lenses. All this is window dressing. Real feelings are born in silence and in secret.

  • Natalia Gorozhanova has a great chance of becoming the winner of the 4th season. At least, this opinion exists all over the Internet. Such conclusions were drawn from the fact that Vorobyov handed the rose the impression to this particular girl. But, of course, that doesn't mean anything yet!

    If we assume that Natalia will nevertheless become the winner of the show, then her chances of a happy future with Alexei Vorobyov are practically zero. Three seasons of the show have passed, and not a single bachelor has yet married the one he chose. Why got married there ?! None of these couples even meet, they all fled literally in the first months.

    Therefore, we treat the project more simply - this is a show and again a show!

    Alexey Vorobyov and Natalia Gorozhanova will be together?

  • I believe that Alexei Vorobev and Natalya Gorozhanova may be together. I think that Natalia is one of the contenders to win this show. It seems to me that it was not without reason that Alexei Vorobyov handed over the rose of the first impression.

  • Perhaps Natalia Gorozhanova will become the winner of the "Bachelor" show on TNT. It was to her that Alexei Vorobyov gave the rose of the first impression. The girl is beautiful, non-conflicting. But even if the Bachelor chooses e in the finale of the show, it is not necessary that they will be together. The experience of previous releases shows that what begins on the show continues and spills over into something serious in life. Moreover, the womanizer Vorobyov, known for his romances with famous girls, is hardly ready for a serious relationship for life.

  • I don’t know if fortunately or unfortunately, but most likely, such a pair will not happen, the stars will not converge, stamps will not be put down.

    But why?

    Because, gentlemen, this is a show. You need to raise your rating, promote your name, and become famous. Well, the girls, as the pilots used to say, and now they are self-PR people, then.

    Love for such people is not the main thing. I do not argue, all the participants are beautiful, young, and why shouldn't they be together, but ...

    Why on this particular project? They have their own life, closed from many eyes, which, I think, few people know about, and perhaps their hearts have been occupied for a long time ...

  • Alexey Vorobyov and Natalia Gorozhanova: life after the project

    Don't forget that this is just a show !! A show that has play, dream and hope ...

    Will Bach's heroes be together? Maybe! It is likely that for some time, they will stir up the interest of the public and will not scatter right away. I personally do not remember such a couple who, after the finale, started a family and built further relationships.

    They predict victory for Natalia, and this is success and rating. This will be followed by interesting offers that a beautiful blonde cannot refuse ..

    My personal conclusion: they will not be together! It's not meant to be!

    In life, Alexei dreams of another woman, but at the moment, this is an acting game.

    Alexey Vorobyov and Natalia Gorozhanova will be together?

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