Is love unselfish?

Is love unselfish?

  • True Love, as they describe in books, is disinterested, not for something, but just like that.

    I read somewhere such a small test on how to understand whether you love your man or not. Try to imagine him unkempt, in a dirty dressing gown, with a beer in his hand and scratching his belly (well, that is, in the form of a typical slightly marginal "man"). Are you touched? Have you thought: "I love you anyway!"? So the man is yours 🙂

    Such a test, of course, does not answer this question and is a little test "for blondes", but, in principle, it helps a little to understand whether you really love your man.

    I presented mine in this form ... I will not say what tenderness flashed through my head :)))

  • Selflessness is when you are not looking for benefits for yourself. True love is only disinterested, such as: when you wish a person happiness, even if he is on the other, this is true love. And everything else is just love for yourself, for your needs and selfishness.

  • True love is when you love, but what exactly you cannot say, it just attracts to a person, you just cannot help but think about him, you miss, yearn, afraid to lose. gain some benefit, but this is no longer love, but calculation, nothing in common.

  • Perhaps this is not "unselfishness" in its purest form. And the term "disinterestedness" somehow, it seems to me, does not quite fit here.

    "To love for something or just like that" - perhaps this simple formulation is more accurate.


    But how can you separate from a person his character, disposition, sexuality and other features? This is an alloy that you love for everything at once. Sometimes you can't even say for sure what you like.

    Probably, unconditional love happens only with a mother or father. When they love not for something, but sometimes in spite of.


    It seems to me that "disinterested" love between a man and a woman is one from which you do not expect anything. Rather, you don't expect anything from the person you love.

    The main thing is to know that he is, this person. And he doesn't have to be with you. He may be far, far away and not even remember you. But if he feels good, then you feel good. I understand love.

  • Yes LOVE is always selfless

    This is the emotion that you feel inside yourself.

    What and to whom can there be self-interest

    It's like hunger - it can't be selfish

    You just feel it

    But love cannot hang in the air, unless of course we are talking about love for a person.

    There must be an object

    Love can be (but not always is) a criterion for choosing a partner

    In addition to love, there may be other selection criteria.

    If there is self-interest in the selection, then the selection will not be disinterested.

    And the relationship won't be selfless

    This does not mean at all that there is no love.

    These are generally parallel lines - love and self-interest.

    What does not happen in the world))

    But one thing is clear

    Self-interest, of course, prevents love from being fully realized in a relationship.

    So what to do?

    Such a society today))

  • Of course it does.

    Unconditional love is always selfless. This is the love of a mother for her child, the love of children for their parents. True love is always selfless.

    Self-interest implies profit. What benefit can be obtained from the arrogance and arrogance of a loved one - I personally do not understand.

  • It seems to me that the term "greed" means the desire to get something.

    When they say "disinterested love", they mean this aspect - they do not want to receive any material benefit from a person. That is, they want this person to just be there, or even just want to see this person.

    It is clear that love comes for some reason, but this is not "self-interest."

    But it also happens that love comes suddenly, as they say, at first sight, or from the first moment, which the poet called wonderful.

    Such love is certainly unselfish.

    Is love unselfish?

  • I decided to find an answer to the question in Wikipedia:

    What is self-interest?

    Is love unselfish?

    Selflessness is the absence of self-interest.

    Greed, profit, profit, on the one hand, and love, on the other, are incompatible concepts. Where there is self-interest, there is no love !!!

    For those who truly love, and do not create its appearance for the sake of the listed negative phenomena, love is disinterested.

    They rightly say that they love not for something, but simply love and that's it. All positive qualities (kindness, beauty, responsiveness, etc.) are necessary for the emergence of sympathy, it is impossible to answer exactly what you love a person for. Everything in the aggregate gives rise to love for another person.

    Love arises when the object of love is your person.

    Answer: love is not that unselfish, it cannot be different.

    Is love unselfish?

  • Eh, he commented, commented, and he himself decided to answer!

    We sing a song to the madness of lovers. What nonsense she, love, provoked us to. What kind of poets we suddenly became. It was during the time of love that he himself began feverishly scribbling rhymes. Sometimes it even turned out quite well. And walking with his girlfriend, he whispered his opuses in her ear. And she admired and melted. And that made me love her even more.

    It's a pity, my mother found my notebooks with this work many years ago, was scared that I would go completely crazy, and threw them into the stove.

    As it seemed to us everything was fine when the beloved was there and reciprocated. How stupid we were at the same time, but at the same time we were strong, ready to move mountains, to accomplish any feat.

    And how many stupid nonsense they have done.

    And what storms were there, hurricanes and tsunamis, earthquakes, even meteorites the size of the one that destroyed the dinosaurs, when suddenly love began to collapse, and with it the whole Universe.

    Then we cursed everything. And her, beloved, and herself, and this damned life.

    And now, after many years, we remember with nostalgia and tenderness.

    And what kind of self-interest there could be, I am completely unaware of ...

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