What if the girl is much taller than the man?

What if the girl is much taller than the man?

  • If you love. and a man loves you, then growth should not worry you. If you are just planning to build a relationship and have no feelings for a man, then you can twist your nose and think.

  • It happens that love is evil, you fall in love, or rather it happens that you fall in love with someone who is shorter than you, if it is a woman, then it's okay, and if a man, then complexes happen.

    What to do?

    Never mind!

    Let everyone envy you and your man too.

    And it is not necessary to put on heels on a man, sir - this is too much.

  • Nothing like that if they love each other. For example, when my mother got married her first husband was lower than her, so what's wrong with that? The main thing is that the man is still good and there is mutual love, and the rest don't care what they think and how) If a man is good, then it's worth building, at least try it!

  • And why not, they love not for their height. What difference does it make how much taller a man is or how shorter a girl is? The main thing is whether he loves her and whether she loves him. It doesn't matter what others think. The main thing is that she and he should not be embarrassed by it.

  • If for you growth men are the main criterion, if you are complex about this and you do not like the fact that you will look bad next to you, then it is better not to build a relationship with him.

    And if for you it is absolutely not important, then of course to build. After all, the most important thing in a person is not height. And to those envious people who can say "oh, you are taller than him, that you could not find yourself higher?" you can safely answer: "I love the Italian version." Remember Al Bano and Ramina Power, this is also such a case.

  • My friend's brother is not tall, but not a businessman, not a politician, or an oligarch. Simple programmer. And he took a girl as his wife, a head taller than himself. And they have a wonderful child.

    Do you know where the poultice about growth comes from? From Soviet physical education lessons. When they lined up everyone in a ruler, according to their height. I still cannot understand the meaning of this lotion. Well, they would build them alphabetically, by last name ...

  • And it seemed to me that now, in the "era of models", the growth of partners is not a problem at all. Quite often successful men marry tall model girls profession and just appearanceand no one throws stones at them about the "mismatch" of growth.

    But judging by the fact that the question has been asked, and by the answers, I get the impression that it remains relevant for some reason. Really, by and large, nothing has changed?

    And why does it baffle me so?

    I was always tall (though always thin and light), and I always had complexes, if the guy was shorter (and this happened) - I was embarrassed to walk next to him. They felt it, of course, and they also steadied themselves a little, but did not show the sight. There was no comfort "in public", yes.


    It was a long time ago and "not true", when the very concept of a "model" in our Soviet country was just being born.

    Another factor - I lived in Central Asia, where the people were not distinguished by special tact, they could call them whatever they wanted on the street (both for their height, and for their nationality, and for being a girl, and that, again, Russian ...).

    I have been living in another place for a long time, among people who are completely on the drum, who is of what height, weight, nationality and complexion. There are a lot of those whose wife is 3 times taller or thicker and no one pays attention to it. I myself have not thought about anything like that for a long time, I just forgot about it.

    Sorry for the lyrical digression, now on the question - do not pay attention to growth... It's even fashionable now, look at those who are married to models - it's even a matter of some pride that a wife or a girl is tall.

    So live for your pleasure and love each other.

  • I will answer with my example. I am quite tall and it so happened that my husband is shorter than me. However, I will not say that the difference is very significant. If there were complexes about this, then only me. I tried not to wear high-heeled shoes. Unlike me, my husband, as young people say now, has always been on the drum. We have been together for the third decade, and I have not noticed the difference in height for a long time. And now our son is getting married soon, and you will not believe the bride is also higher. So, if you like a young man, then go ahead with the song.

  • On psychology, advice has already been given. Look at Medvedev, Putin, Sarkozy, Tom Cruise. None of them seem to be shy about their tall woman. And the fans are not confused by the small stature.

    A man can slightly increase his height due to shoes, but literally by a few centimeters. For this, shoe insoles are sold.

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