What is better for men for sex: a beautiful face or a beautiful body (CM)?

What is better for men for sex: a beautiful face or a beautiful body (CM)?

  • I don’t know about men .. I’ll say for myself. There are beautiful men with both body and face, and next to him you stand and think: "Well, I don’t want to be with him, he is not mine." And there is the opposite. So, in my opinion, there is no connection between desire and external beauty. This is another level ..

  • If for naked sex, without obligations, then it is better that one that is capable of blowing up the brain with the caresses of her body, And whether she is fat or thin, beautiful or not, so whoever likes it. Personally, for me, the first place in sex will be the eyes and face, the second is unbridled the woman's desire is entirely aimed at sex and let the whole world wait, in third place is the obligatory ability of a woman to get an orgasm, and only on the fourth is the body and its forms. Ideally, to love the most beautiful, who constantly wants me and orgasm to reach at the same time.

  • It is important to understand that everyone has different tastes. For you, a certain girl is fat, but for a man she is attractive. It is the same with the face, everything is relative. For sex, the figure is more important. I will tell you a secret, the vast majority of men look at the figure. But it is important to consider that some men like overweight, while others are too thin. It may sound funny, but it's true. Don't use labels, they are wrong.

  • A beautiful body and an ugly face - choosing the right posture to help.

    As for the overweight ladies, I will not get corny on them. I always liked thin girls. Never understood the proverb - "Better on the waves than on the rocks ..." On the waves of fat? When the female is non-plastic, folded like a Shar Pei, sweats like a brigade of Tajiks, and is it more voluminous than you? No, thank you ... Yes, and I don't understand people who masturbate with a sex partner, they are ready to go against their sense of taste in order to poke someone corny.

  • I like beautiful eyes better. From them you can immediately see who the person is, this is also important for me. Sometimes a figure can disappoint, but your eyes will tell you everything if you can read. And a person can also improve. Unlike adorable dolls, some of whom already consider themselves goddesses. In principle, any woman is a goddess. But sometimes people are without brains just because of the figure. Not. I prefer an honest relationship.

  • As my sister used to say, not one man, if he divorced a girl for sex, undressing her will not cry out - "Oh, no, no, dress back, you have a terrible body."

    It all depends not on her appearance, but on how she behaves and how a woman feels in bed.

    A man who chooses girls solely on the basis of external parameters of standard attractiveness is simply afraid in his heart that he cannot but stand up for something informal. And this seems to me already his problems.

    In no case do I want to justify the magnificent ladies, whether or not to take care of themselves is everyone's business, and often the complexion of the girl depends not only on this.

    But men who are capable of daring experiments deserve more respect from me.

  • It seems to me, of course, a man and a woman look at this question differently, but probably all the same, first we look at the appearance, grooming. The second important factor is human energy. There are men who stick to one like bees on honey - these are women with strong female energy - and female energy can attract both plus and minus. And there is a beautiful woman, but female energy is not enough, male dominates, and then minus to minus is repulsive.

  • After all, a face. Maybe not the most beautiful, but attractive to him.

    If you don't go deeper: "What's next?" - love and other wonderful feelings and emotions, then a man, seeing a girl, goes "behind the face".

    Then he pays attention to the figure, and when it comes to sex, the main thing is ALREADY to have fun, and not to look at the figure (well, you never know, instead of the chest there was foam rubber, and instead of priests - new-fashioned panties with pads).

    He will not run away, I think so.

    Another question: will there be a second meeting or not?

  • In sex, the main thing is a beloved woman. A beautiful female face, of course, can attract male attention, but a curvy female form attracts not many. A slender body wildly excites men before sex and during sex. If a woman has a slender body, and her face is not the most beautiful, this is for many men everything is exactly better than a beautiful female face, but with a magnificent figure.

    photo sexy

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  • Interest Ask)

    I have one friend. Fits perfectly under the description in the question. The face, ts, is not very good, but the figure is super. So, looking at her figure already and the face somehow seems quite normal)

  • It seems to me that if a man tilted a woman to bed, then she is attractive to him both in face and body. Of course, he sees the shortcomings, but not so much they repulse him. Or maybe he doesn't see, but he doesn't notice - that's all. And if he likes the bed with this woman all the more, then she already seems to him to be a beauty. And if you don't like it in bed, you don't need a beautiful face or body.

  • Believe it or not! A decent man needs love, sexual compatibility and a woman's decency for sex. I know many families where women are both fat and ugly, and their husbands love and appreciate them. In general, human nature cannot be understood who we love, and whom we marry or are getting married to ...

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