If a friend bites her ear?

If a friend bites her ear?

  • Hmm ... I like it when someone bites their ears. Girl, guy - no difference. It's nice, if not painful. It can even be equated to a kiss on the neck, when pleasant goosebumps run all over the body ... Well, to wean it, you can simply cover your ears with your hair, tk. just let your hair down.

  • This is e sex games such, give it to her))

  • As far as I understand, you need advice not from the area "Why does she keep biting my ear?", But from the area "How to save my ears so that at least something will remain of them by old age?"

    You can wear a winter hat when your sister's friend comes in and tie ribbons under her chin so as not to tear the hat off. You can smear your ears with mustard, wax, petroleum jelly, over time it will dislike the taste of your ears. You can just at the time of her arrival to break away from the computer and do something that does not require concentration on what is happening on the screen.

  • And what is there to understand, sex has not been canceled. In principle, it depends on how it bites. Maybe a maniac and then the ear is bleeding, and maybe he gently bites. You yourself like that. Someone either in her gnlovu hammered, what is it to men like. Either she likes when she bites her and thinks everyone likes it. In general, have sex with her if age allows.

  • Well, I don’t know, there’s nothing like that ... I can bite my girlfriend for the ass. Try to talk to her seriously.

  • If a friend bites her ear,

    if a friend pinches her nose -

    means to you personal has a question!

    Throw computer and games online,

    and deal with that set of secrets.

    Directly ask without much help.

    without screaming and without reproaches,

    in the girl who often bites -

    pinching what it is, and not caressing!

  • For any action must be equal in strength of opposition.

    As it bites the ear - painfully twist the nipple with two fingers. This is in the event that these biting are unpleasant to you and you talked about it.

    I give a recommendation from personal experience - there was once such an annoying "friend". I voiced several times that his obsessive movements are unpleasant to me. Well ... if a person does not understand the words ... she bit in the shoulder, so much so that the hand became numb and for two weeks the bruise did not go away and it hurt terribly. Got it!

  • If a friend bites her ear, it is possible that she is a hidden bisexual, but does not understand it, but acts on an instinctive level. Either she just makes fun, wants you to pay attention to her, listen, or she lacks male love.

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