If a man has no friends, then what does this mean?

If a man has no friends, then what does this mean?

  • If the man has no friends, then this suggests that Man does not want, or cannot (by the nature of his life) have friends... There are such cases. As the saying goes: "Not destiny!" Do not kill the same man.

  • And my husband considers those who were with him in the army for two years as friends. And now he only has comrades. All of them are not bad people, but for some reason he does not call them friends, they communicate, help each other, but ... . these are not friends, as he says. So your husband has many friends, but no friend. My son also thinks (he is 24 years old) that he has many friends.

  • Hmm ... usually gay men have more "girlfriends" than "friends". They have a better understanding with women than with men. Maybe this is the whole point?

  • What a coincidence, I just wanted to ask the same question, my husband has no friends in life, on the one hand it's good, he doesn't go to the bathhouse with his friends before the New Year, he is not invited to go fishing, but on the other hand ... probably Not really.

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