Where to find friends for heart-to-heart communication?

Where to find friends for heart-to-heart communication?

  • You can find such friends on the Internet, but it will take a long time to check their sincerity. Better to find such friends in real life. At the same time, you can look in the eyes, discern soulfulness in them, or vice versa slyness.

    If you are looking for friends to spend a carefree life, that is, to spend some money, such friends are probably not visible. And everyone will play the fool that they are your soulmates.

    And if you are looking for friends according to your life conviction, it will be difficult for you to find such in reality. This can only be resolved by fate.

  • Haven't you found friends on this BV site yet? Then I can recommend this BV site to you as a good place for communication and an opportunity to make friends, exactly those friends with whom you could communicate spiritually. And who knows, it is possible that you will meet your love here, a person whom you will love, and he will love you.

  • Support in everything, understanding in everything, pouring out the soul ... Excuse me, but what, in your opinion, is friendship? In my opinion, friendship is a mutual interest, obtaining useful and meaningful information for each other, teaching each other something, the ability to give good advice, and the ability to hear criticism ... that is, friendship is a mutual process that does not involve only stroking the head. I saw only that you need a vest in which you will cry, complain about your problems ... i.e. You are trying to find a person to splash out negativity. But this is not friendship !!

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