How to get rid of a bored girl?

How to get rid of a bored girl?

  • A girl is not some kind of animal that is tired of and wants to get rid of her. First of all, it is a person. And like any person, she respects herself. Therefore, in conversation with her, address her self-respect and show your own respect for her. There is nothing terrible in directly saying: "I respect you very much and would not want to deceive, let alone use your feelings for me. It will not be fair." Well, or something like that. The main thing is sincere and bold. Believe me, she will still recommend you to others and become an ally.

  • You can, of course, show your coldness and disinterest, gradually moving away from the girl, while sometimes meeting her out of pity, but this is rather cruel. The girl will suffer in the unknown - "why did he become like this?"

    It is best to invite the girl to a cafe, talk calmly, remember the past times, how good it was, thank her for the love and patience that she gave you, and then say goodbye warmly, remaining friends. Perhaps she will cry and press on pity, but here you have to be firm. Simultaneously soft (i.e. delicate) and firm in his decision to part.

    And what guys usually do is a known fact. Some of them simply disappear from sight, and no one can hear or hear from them. Others break up by SMS or, in extreme cases, by phone, which seems to me to be a sign of cowardice.

  • The best option is honest and frank confession. Perhaps this is the most painful option for a girl, but at least there will be no false illusions and omissions, and the girl, knowing that everything is over, will quickly come to her senses and be open for the next relationship with a good and decent young man. And one has only to hope that life will not bring her again with a male, who can express herself "tired" of the girl and convey the gap with the words "how to get rid of her as soon as possible," as if we were talking about an STD.

    I strongly recommend the guy to reconsider his attitude towards life and towards girls in particular. You can't go to old age with sex alone. Either immediately set the framework so that you only need sex and nothing more, or leave the girls alone and live alone.

  • usually they avoid meetings, do not answer calls, but it is better to tell the girl straight away that she is not interesting to him than to play locks

  • Ignoring it is not an option. The best way is to talk, to explain how. But before that, you need to think over everything from what you will say to possible questions to you and your answers. So much depends on the character of the girl and you need to take it into account ...

  • It is better for a girl and for her conscience to meet a girl and tell her frankly about it, but in reality, young people rarely use this method.

    More often options are used:

    1. Do not answer calls, disappear from places where the girl can appear.
    2. Show the girl in the eye with a new darling, start hugging and kissing with her in public.
    3. To behave badly. Trying to sound like a bastard. Act like a complete moron. Make the girl quit herself.
  • I don’t know what all the guys are doing, but personally, if I’m tired of a girl, I start writing on behalf of my “girlfriend”. Messages like “what are you insolent to write to my boyfriend?” - and that sort of thing. To be honest, it's pretty funny. Well, you can just ignore it, and answer making it clear that you do not want to communicate with her. Let's say if she writes "What are you doing?" just answer, let's say "I'm playing." Don't write messages like "And you?" In addition, nobody canceled the blacklist)

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