How to find the woman of your dreams?

How to find the woman of your dreams?

  • Well, I do not believe that there is no really suitable woman. Maybe you are too picky? Although, I admit that you really have not met. And yet, what if you abandon the parameters of your ideal? I met my husband on the Internet, we did not see each other for a long time during our conversation. Yes, the question is quite complicated, in life it happens in different ways. Anyway, good luck. Let's hope that there will be a holiday on your street too.

  • Very often people go looking too far for what is very close ...

    What is "the girl of my dreams" for you? Many are not able to answer this question ... how can you look for something that you do not know ?! As soon as you decide on the criteria, you will definitely find 😉

    Seneca said very clearly "If you don't know where to sail, any wind will NOT be fair."

  • Probably few of the women will react to the word to find, it's another thing to meet, obviously to meet you have to meet and also not anywhere, but where there is a society with people of your interests, lifestyle. specialization. Be sure to charge yourself with positive energy that could arouse interest in you.

  • Remember how the song says:

    How to find the woman of your dreams?

    Maybe you should start from the opposite and look for the woman of your dreams not somewhere out there, but

    nearby, in the most common places, such as a market, shop, entrance, car service.

    And if you do not like heavily made-up, drinking women, then do not go to get acquainted.

    to the night club!

  • When you are looking for the woman of your dreams, then imagine your dream and understand then, you correspond to your dream. You are trying to combine all the best qualities in one woman, but with such requirements you will not find your ideal woman. Maybe just a woman who will understand your interests. The most ideal woman is the one who will love you and your children. Maybe she is there, but you just don’t notice. Good luck!

  • I am so!

    I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t like a lot of cosmetics, I love children, I love cooking, sewing, cleanliness, etc. But I have 2 children. I also want a husband next to my beloved faithful decent man! Why am I saying this, that it is not necessary for you to look for childless, looks and girls with children. And in order to find that one, you need to sit down and really write on a piece of paper, everything in the smallest detail, what it should be, from the color of the eyes, to where it will work, whether it cooks well, weight growth, everything and start acting! That is, to go to study for a normal profession there as a cook (that is, to find out where such normal, pretty, faithful are studying) Well, start with yourself. You, too, must be the same good in everything, pleasant, well-read, etc., so that she, too, will notice you, you understand, too, so good in everything !!! And do not believe those phrases that good girls love hooligans, crucifixes, etc. etc. These are girls or frivolous ones who need emotions, just fun or just fools! Normal choose normal remember !!!

  • We must look for her everywhere. Make mistakes. Do not despair and keep looking. Or maybe stop, look around and it turns out that she has been around for a long time.

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