How to understand when an ex-boyfriend writes drunk that he misses?

How to understand when an ex-boyfriend writes drunk that he misses?

  • This man is simply trying to appear before you weak and unhappy while drunk ... and unfortunately, when he is already in a sober state, his behavior shows you that he does not need you at all. "drunk" person. Do not pay attention to such a man, do not waste time on him. It will not bring you anything good. The man you need will be attracted to you and will love you, which is what you deserve to be loved.

  • This means that the guy really missed, and his feelings did not fade away But in a sober state he is afraid of show your attitude. Here is such a "freak", as 95% of women would say. What to do in this case? The next time you hear such a call, invite him to your place: there you will find out everything. It is not a fact that you will like what you hear. But, anyway, find out the truth

  • When drunk, many write to their ex that they miss them. I, by the way, too. I can also call at 3 am.

    It must be understood that the man still has feelings, well, or some kind of affection. On a sober head, of course, this is not admitted - ashamed, or scary (even more so, if they parted on his initiative, it means that he admits that he was wrong), or something else. And in a drunken shop all these doubts go away, for a drunken sea is knee-deep.

    And also maybe just looking for a girl for the night, because alcohol enhances this desire. And here it seems like there is a proven option.

    What you do is up to you. Weigh, think, but know that in an adequate state this will not happen. So, if you decide to be together and happy, give him water.

  • You know, there is such a wonderful saying: "Leaving go!"

    If your relationship with this guy ended, and moreover, moreover, on his initiative, why then meet with him?

    He wants, perhaps, sex.

    What more could a drunk guy want?

    You will still be in a "suspended state" to rush about the court.

    If you have already parted, then you need to part forever, and not be a "alternate airfield".

    Do you so that you do not respond to his drunken rantings and do not meet with a person who is in an inadequate state.

    You never know what he can say ...

    And he will sober up, maybe he will forget everything that he said.

  • To understand so that he just got bored and there is no one to write to and score.

  • This is the tendency of drunk people to write to their ex. There are a lot of jokes and information on this topic. You can get rid of this only with a changeable phone number and, in general, all contacts, since when a person is drunk, he does not control his actions at all, apparently you are deeply rooted in his head

  • Cross it out and forget ... I'm drunk too, I write-call my girlfriends, then I'm ashamed, oooo 🙂

    all Wishlist are done in a sober way and then you regret that you wasted time.

    and so you give him the right (!) to wipe his feet on you ... you can't do this

  • Well, you know the proverb "What's on the mind of a sober, then a drunk on the tongue." So he is still sober, he understands that the "train" has left, there is no return and does not want to. And as soon as he drinks, memories flood over him. And he starts to miss you. That's why he calls. Or maybe he wants to return everything back, but soberly does not want to admit this to himself and to you, too, that something or someone is stopping him. And how to drink, so the grass does not grow.

  • As they say, they learn from mistakes. Every time he is drunk he will write to you and you will only meet "drunk". When he's sober, let's say he doesn't want to know you. Talk to him when you are sober. That they say you only call on drunk, but you don’t want to know when you are sober. The next time when he calls you drunk and tell him remind the conversation on "sober" I think his mood will deteriorate so that you can call on "drunk" just like yours spoils when a bukharik calls you)

    Or if everything suits you, then leave everything as it is.

  • It looks like he got drunk. Do not react to his writing, it is not he who writes, but alcohol. Try to score and find yourself another guy! He simply has no one to spend the rest of his drunken evening with and he is trying to brighten up his evening, night with you.

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