How to kiss the tongue correctly? What if you don't know how?

How to kiss the tongue correctly? What if you don't know how?

  • There is nothing complicated in this. The main thing is not to get complex - otherwise the language will ossify from fear ..)

    Surrender to your natural impulses and improvise. You need to start using the language little by little, observing whether your partner likes it.

  • But what about the old-fashioned ways, learn from a tomato and so on and so on?)) In general, do not complex, everyone always, something happens for the first time. If this is not new for your friend, then I think she will gladly not only enter your position, but also teach. Well, if both of you are not experienced, then practice (learn) - on each other, and everything will be ok;)

  • Don't know / don't kiss / practice hygiene / germs in your mouth / horror / go numb! It is better to lick your nose / as is customary for some tribes / the sensations are the same / but there are zero microbes. What to teach you / there is a forehead and cheeks / in the end the earlobes / erogenous zone / cling to the tongue / well, then with God /

  • Relax. The lips should not be tight and tight when kissing. Try to drink her breath, lightly touching your lips. Listen to the sensations. Increase the pressure little by little. You can bite your lip slightly. Improvise and have fun)))

  • The first time is always scary.) But if you want, everything will work out. Maybe she is also afraid, then you will study together. And if you are not the first in this regard, you will also teach.)

    I remember in my childhood I was tormented by a similar question: how to kiss, because the noses will get in the way! Nothing stopped anyone afterwards!)

    Train on tomatoes, hone your skills! You can't understand here without practice.) The main thing is not to train on other girls.)

    How to kiss the tongue correctly? What if you don't know how?

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