How do you understand the word Love, what is it for you?

How do you understand the word Love, what is it for you?

  • For me, love is a feeling of boundless happiness! The feeling that you live in this world is not in vain, that there is a person whom you love and who loves you. The concept of LOVE for me is impossible without two components:

    1. True love is always mutual. In our world there is no such person who, in his right mind, would refuse true love and would not reciprocate to you exactly that true love. 2. When you love you do not really ask yourself: why do I need it and what will I have from it? It seems to me that this is a very important point. Since in the modern world there are too many mercantile people.

  • Love is understanding, mutual assistance in various situations or circumstances, faith (trust), support, acceptance of imperfections of character, shortcomings (but not disastrous, detrimental weaknesses or vices), a desire to compromise on certain issues.

  • On the topic of love wrote a verse if you do not mind, I will write it to you.

    What is love tell me people

    What is love tell friends

    Well, why does she come to this world to us

    Why does she ruin our hearts

    Why do we need it so much

    Why don't we let her go

    Well, for what did fate prepare people

    Century suffer lonely walking on earth

    After all, you love him, because you believe so much

    That he will be yours, that he will love.

    And he goes to the other and probably people

    She also believes that she is his only.

    What is love tell me people

    What is love tell friends

    Or is it just tears, suffering, weakness

    Or is it as good as spring?

    Do not judge strongly. I am not a writer, not a poet, sometimes several phrases come to mind, you start writing and it turns out something like this.

    And for me, love is when you do everything for the sake of it, when, at the sight of it, your heart starts to beat harder, when you don’t want to eat, drink until you see it. The glitter in the eyes, a sense of joy and happiness. When you talk nonsense, when you want to do reckless things.

  • For me, love is such a strong feeling that while experiencing it, you understand that for the sake of your beloved you can do anything, if only he would feel good, at least donate your heart as a donor if necessary.

    For example, my husband was very sick and I didn’t sleep at night, I was afraid that I would suffocate in a dream, and I wouldn’t hear or help 3,5 for a week. Would you be so worried about the unloved? No

    Or there were cases when, for the sake of an hour of communication with me, he traveled through all of Moscow, this is what love is, when for the sake of an hour With a loved one you throw everything in the world.

    Love is an amazing feeling

  • Love is one of the most wonderful states of mind when you live on the same wavelength. Perhaps the most inexplicable feeling is when you become happy every minute simply because your loved one is happy, and you want to do all the best for this person, without expecting anything in return ... and just live for this wonderful feeling. For me, this feeling is the strongest stimulus for actions, deeds, movement forward) In order for a loved one to be proud of me)

  • Love is the unity of the soul. Everything else is a breeding agent.

  • For me, love is a deep, overwhelming, irrational attachment to another person.

    True, many believe that this is falling in love. But I, frankly, do not see the difference, for me they are synonyms. I do not think that love is necessarily one for life or so.

  • There is a Russian love. People of God Know when thoughts / feelings are pure, when joy brings joint business, rest

    There is Latin LaV (Love) People Know, that is, all the same feelings, only for the sake of profit, convenience - this is how it begins: a little problem - everyone around is to blame, everyone is on his own, and the mechanism of such Love -sex (Sex) , "fell in love with each other, and you can send if that ... Children do not want to give birth, because there is no love, there is Love + sex = a kind of deal of loneliness

  • I used to think love is when you love a man so much that you can't live without him, your hands are taken away when you think about him. But everything changed with the birth of children. That's where love is, you spend all day with them, you get tired, but when these angels fall asleep. .. I can't even put it into words, how I love them.

  • Love for me is both a feeling and a principle. I will repeat once more - both feelings and principle. One without the other is not love. The principle is even when you are in a quarrel to be able to hear, be able to understand, forgive and even justify (if necessary). If you are currently offended by him, you still continue to love him and do everything for his good, if he needs you. If love is based only on feelings, it is just a passion that will disappear along with everyday life. But even without feelings, love is not love, but just respect or whatever. And it is these 2 components that go hand in hand in my life.

  • What is love is a rather philosophical question and everyone understands this word in his own way. Love is one of the strongest feelings of a person, this feeling of deep sympathy and affection. True love must be true and pure. Love is quite different, for example, love for parents, we all love and respect them very much, whatever they are, love happens to the opposite sex, to animals, and to anything. Love should inspire people to good deeds, change for the better. Every person should love something or someone in this life.

    The theme of love has always been interested in philosophers for a long time, for example, the philosopher Fromm singled out several elements inherent in love: concern, responsibility, respect and knowledge.

    For me, love is a strong feeling that should live in every person.

    How do you understand the word Love, what is it for you?

  • There is no single definition. Love is understood differently for each person. I believe that true love cannot find an explanation. They often ask why you love me ... Sympathy, common interests and all that - this is a form of love, affection or something. Love is an inexplicable craving for a person, it is a complex internal process and you sometimes cannot explain why you love a person, you are simply drawn to him and if you really love, with that inexplicable feeling, "cosmic" craving, you will do everything to be with him. I think so.

  • Love is for me deep inner feelings that I try to share with all people. Love should not be confused with desires or a surge in hormones, but you should learn to feel with your soul. Unfortunately, most people have a poor understanding of what true love is and are confused about many things. It is difficult to explain love in words, it is necessary to feel it, then everything becomes clear without words.

  • Love is the feelings and loyalty of all questions and situations for life

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