How to inspire confidence in a girl?

How to inspire confidence in a girl?

  • There are special helplines, you need to call your girlfriend on these numbers and she will completely trust you. This is a dream, an ideal, and it would be simple and boring.

    But the reality is much more complicated and interesting, it all depends on you and your girlfriend. Some girls are gullible and believe everything, no matter what you talk about, here you need to know when to stop, since you can just as easily lose confidence.

    And others require a long grooming, you need to be especially careful in those things that she knows about.

    In general, in all cases, you must be frank and sincere, then the trust (and possibly love and respect) of the girls is guaranteed to you.

  • To inspire confidence in a girl is both easy and difficult. The trickiness of such a mission is simply to meet expectations. Mistrust comes from empty promises or gimmicks with indefinite timing. First of all, find out what worries you, how you can be useful. Such unconditional, selfless help increases the degree of trust instantly.

    But there is also a downside to the mistrustful girl. The mistrustful often have very high demands on a man. You will have to regularly confirm your reliability. Even petty semi-deceptions can cause mixed reactions. Please note that you always need to meet your expectations, big and small. Be perfect. Most often, on the part of the girl, this develops into a form of manipulation.

  • Everything is very simple. First, don't lie. If you work as a plumber, you don't need to be told that you are the boss in the office. If you don't know how to fix a tap, say so. After all, being caught in a petty lie, there is no trace of trust. Secondly, always do what you have promised, and do not promise those things that you cannot do. More specifics. Not "I'll call you one of these days," but "I'll call you tomorrow at 7, when I'm finished working." And more. Nobody, Never obscenities. Especially ex-wives and girls. Bosses, traffic cop, friends. It's terrible when a man is whining and everyone is to blame for his problems.

  • Talk to your girlfriend about different topics to be sincere. It is important to tell the truth, do not try to lie on trifles. Show her your love, communicate more and then the relationship will strengthen. Do not give reasons for jealousy.

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