What color of eyes do men like best for women?

What color of eyes do men like best for women?

  • Each woman has her own taste, it also depends on the combination of hair color and face shape. But most of all, girls like the unusual combination of eye color and other parameters. As for statistics, I think blue with a gray tint is the most unusual and women like the most.

  • In my opinion, there are as many preferences as there are men. This, to some extent, depends on what type of female type is embedded in the subconscious since childhood. In general, it seems to me that men (as well as women) make their choice, perceiving the image of a person as a whole, and not in terms of individual details. Sometimes there are comical situations when a man does not know what color the eyes of his beloved wife (partner) are. Of course, this is not a rule, but rather an exception.

  • I personally like brown-eyed women. I also like green-eyed women. But I also like blue-eyed ones, and I also like black-eyed ones. I also like women with gray eyes and blue.

    In my opinion, it is not the color of the eyes that attracts men, but their mystery and radiance. Remember, for example, the eyes of Klara Luchko or Ada Rogovtseva. For example, I do not know what color their eyes are, but what is beautiful is indisputable.

    After all, there are also women with multi-colored eyes)).

  • This is all very subjective, because there are many factors for choosing a partner. I believe that the most beautiful eye color is dark blue-green, then dark green and blue, but here to each his own. Actually, it's better to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend about this ...

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