Is it possible to love a person who does not love you?

Is it possible to love a person who does not love you?

  • No one will approach you, threaten with a finger and say: "I forbid you to love this person because I said so!"

    Therefore, yes, you can. But it hurts, really hurts. You cannot order your heart, but you can do something.

  • You can love.

    It is possible at a distance. You can demonstrate your best qualities, try to improve something in yourself.

    But is it necessary? It hurts so much.

    It is better when a man pays attention, but not vice versa. Pay attention to such, take a closer look, love later. It will work, it will learn ...

    In order not to participate in competition, not to feel like a commodity. Be calm and happy.

  • You can certainly love when unrequited love. There are many such cases. But navryatli can live in such a relationship for a long time, they just annoy each other. Love is happiness, empathy, no one will remind you of a mistake, will always support.

    Love begging for naivety

    That she is doomed to misfortune

    She is love, and there is reciprocity

    But how rare it is!

    (N. Dorizo)

  • You can, you can love everyone and everything.

    You can love married or married people and believe that they are about to get divorced, you can also love those who do not love you, those who manipulate you can also be loved.

    Only: Fight Club Rule 1 - If it seems to you that somewhere you are being fucked, then somewhere they are really being fucked.

    In any of these options, then depression begins, because you don't get reciprocal feelings, you start gnawing yourself. In the end, you feel like the last shit, a complete loser, a person who simply did not deserve - not loved.

    You can love, but why? This is the dead end of the manipulator.

  • Of course, it is possible, it often happens, for this there is a special term - "unrequited (unrequited) love." Only this in sex relations for some reason is not called love, it is, rather, a form of self-love, an obsession, since love is where there are two, and this is personal, solitary.

  • Yes, you can. Love can be different, even platonic. If the heart loves, then the mind very often turns off. Sometimes unrequited love hurts a person for the rest of his life, sometimes it is forgotten over time. But no one will forbid love, it really is not subject to anyone. True, loving unrequitedly or platonically, there is no need to make plans for the future. If this is true love, then the person becomes not kind and more beautiful. Gradually, everything will calm down and the girl will meet someone who will reciprocate, because they knock out a wedge with a wedge

  • I think that you can love any person you like.

    Love is an amazing feeling. It inspires, gives strength, energy, inspiration ...

    For some reason, they believe that unrequited love is pain or misfortune ?!)

    The group "Spleen" has a song "Letter", which ends with the words: "I love, not needing a reciprocal feeling" ...

    Remember who in your life you yourself have not reciprocated love?

    Have they become unhappy? They will remember their feelings of love as happy moments in life.

    I know that four men, whom I did not reciprocate, called their daughters by my name. So love for me gave them something special ...

    I love a person who does not love me at all. It doesn't hurt me or make me unhappy. And his dislike does not prevent me from loving him ...

    This love is like light in me. She helps me to live interestingly and create.

  • It is possible, but is it necessary? You can love a person and hope that someday the feelings will become mutual ... or maybe they won't. But time waits for no one and life is one. And you can love and not wait for reciprocity, platonic love, wish him just humanly good and let him go, wishing him happiness. And after you let go, wishing you happiness and yourself, you can start life from scratch (not in all spheres of life, but in love) and try to let a new person into your heart, and believe that with this new person, love will still be mutual ...

  • Boris Zakhader said very well about this in his poems:

    There is no love miserable.

    Maybe she is bitter, difficult

    Unrequited and reckless

    It can be deadly.

    But there is no unhappy love

    Even if she kills.

    The one who does not learn this,

    That happy love is not worth it ...

    Love whoever you want, no matter what. All the same, it's a great feeling. And as the desire to love passes away - as if you are covered with mold.

  • Unfortunately, it happens that it seems to us that we love someone who does not love us, this is called - not mutual love, we suffer, suffer from unrequited love, and when we find someone who truly love, and who loves us, we understand that the one who did not love us and did not love, it just seemed to us, it was in our head, that's all!

  • I think it is possible, as long as there is hope for reciprocity. For example, you love, but do not know if he (or she) loves you. That is, he has not confessed yet, has not betrayed his feelings, but by some indirect evidence you see that he is not indifferent to you.

    If he directly told you that he has absolutely no feelings for you, I think if you are not a complete masochist, then you will not be able to "love" him any longer.

    At least, it was so with me - for a long time I was in love with a man who flirted with me and generally behaved with me as if he liked me. But when I confessed everything to him, a sharp refusal followed ... And it cut me off. I returned from heaven to earth. And since then, despite the fact that he still communicates with me the same way as before, I perceive him only as a friend (not even a friend) with whom I can have a good chat. Not more.

  • In fact, in our world, one person loves and the other simply does not love. And to come to terms with the fact that you are loved or you love someone, but you are simply treated as friendly, but of course it is difficult to accept this. But you can still love the person who loves you.

  • Is it possible to love a person who does not love you? - the question is controversial.

    On the one hand, yes, but on the other hand, no.

    It's not so easy in the relationship between a man and a woman, sometimes you can't figure it out without a psychotherapist. So much has already been written and said about unrequited love, but still there are white spots in this issue.

  • Love is a feeling that is not subject to reason, therefore, we cannot choose the object of love with our head, but choose with our heart. When you fall in love, you do not build any strategies, you do not know in advance how a person will respond to the feelings that have arisen, therefore, love often arises, and then you assess your chances of reciprocal feelings You can love and suffer without receiving return in return, it’s not that you expect it, you just get tired of indifference, it depressing. But it’s difficult to control and tell yourself to fall out of love in a moment is not possible. Everything happens by itself, if you do not strive for a person to avoid him and to find some kind of business that will completely absorb the feelings over time, fade away, and maybe even switch to another person.

  • Sure you may. Well, who will forbid you if you want to tickle your nerves and practice masochism. And, if it's serious, then in youth this is exactly what happens. Unrequited, platonic love only prepares a person for real feeling. In my opinion, everyone should experience this in life. And in adulthood, one often loves, and the other only allows himself to be loved. After all, not everyone knows how to love, and many want a family and children.

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