Why do football players play naked even in winter?

Why do football players play naked even in winter?

  • Can you imagine how hard it is to run and how hot it is to run in a sheepskin coat :)

  • A unique question.

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    Each sport has its own uniform.

    Figure skaters, for example, are also undressed both in winter and in summer, only they are to the indoor area, while skiers take, and biathletes, and remember about slalom - all athletes are in their uniforms.

    By the way, like with pilots, police officers, doctors, etc.

    Why do football players play naked even in winter?

  • Well, in winter they play, if it's very cold, then he is naked, by which you mean as I understand the clothes they wear in the form of football shorts and a lighthouse. In winter and cold seasons, they can, if desired, wear thermal underwear and the same headband, and some who are completely freezing, wear a hat.

    In this modern thermal underwear, even at low temperatures, it is warm enough, and when a person arrives in dynamics, then there is no need to think about the cold. The main thing is that the legs are dry, but if it is cold, it is usually dry, and if it is humid, then, as a rule, the temperature is above zero, and the players sometimes wear bags.

    Why do football players play naked even in winter?

    Why do football players play naked even in winter?

  • They themselves are already very strong people who train very often, run a lot. that is, they lead a healthy lifestyle, that is, they are accustomed to all this.

    It would be simply uncomfortable for them to run in jackets, it would give them discomfort.

    And when you run, you get warmer, and it gets warmer.

  • They don't want to run anyway. They run only when they freeze or their muscles become numb from idleness, and if they are dressed like this, they will stand on the field like a sheaf of hay and sleep. In their eyes, they only have zeros from money and a donut hole on the scoreboard.

    Why do football players play naked even in winter?

  • Because when you run, your body temperature rises, as does your blood pressure, because it's cardio. If you run around in clothes, it will be very, very hot. You can faint, for example, or even worse, damage yourself when you fall. The body must be cooled.

    In addition, it is not very comfortable to run in clothes in general. She constrains movement.

  • Because the players' uniforms are standard, and they play in them all year round, regardless of the season and weather conditions. It is unacceptable to run in pants, and not as comfortable as in shorts. Many football pitches are protected from above and are heated.

  • Because for playing football, regardless of the time of year, ammunition was invented without which the participants of the game cannot enter the field, regardless of the time of the year.

  • They wear thermal underwear that protects from the cold with small minuses, so they are not cold if you are worried about it))

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