Why can't you trust people?

Why can't you trust people?

  • You can trust people, but you shouldn't be too naive and trust every word. My favorite saying is "trust but verify." And when you unquestioningly trust people who have not yet deserved it, then there is a huge risk in the end to be deceived.

  • You can trust people ... and even need to ... until the first "bummer". There is a good saying, "who lied once, who will believe you?"

    If you do not believe people, then you will be treated with suspicion. It's easy to read - by behavior, by words.

    But an overly gullible person can be seriously deceived, and this has more to do with receiving monetary benefits than moral ones. Don't trust the ads, don't trust the get-rich-quick options offered, don't trust the "letters of happiness" in your mail, and so on.

    Friendship is built on trust, if you don't trust anyone, you can stay alone.

  • Because all people are envious. Only close people can wish you well, happiness, success, and be happy for you. Everyone else can even go against you. Be honest with your family, and don't share your happiness with others. There will be less envy and less lies.

  • Of course, people should not be completely trusted in an impersonal sense. It is necessary to believe even when a person is tested and "tested". When he is not just an aunt or an uncle from the street, but has already become someone in the eyes of the subject. If you trust people in general, that is, everyone in a row, you can be deeply disappointed in them. Therefore, as someone who trusts in the eyes of others, it is often a sacrifice at the expense of which one can profit. This does not mean, of course, that all people are absolute evil and they need to be treated like monsters, this is not always rightly said. Not all are bad, but if you have a box of chocolates in front of you, in which one of them contains poison, you will not eat them, hoping that you will be carried away. The fact is that this can happen and once again it is worth protecting yourself from this. We do not live in the best way, and the hard life makes people cruel and evil.

  • In order to believe people, first of all, you need to be such a person who, too, at least someone will believe.

    What are people? these are people, just like you, who are also afraid to show excessive trust.

    What is said above applies to young people, first love and first impressions of life.

    Another question is how to trust people when you are connected with them by finances, friendship, salary and desires? Who pretend that they are friends, and YOU are FRIENDS - just birds in a cage of love-

    therefore we believe, we trust, we stumble, we believe again, because we love.

    Imagine that everything for which you worked and lived -

    the envy of other people.

    Who lived, but did not work, who think that you are a fool, but lucky ...

    There are many reasons to be afraid of people.

    But the real truth is that like attracts like.

    When they believe you, you will also be truthful.

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