Should I tell a man that he is handsome?

Should I tell a man that he is handsome?

  • It is not necessary for a man. He needs words about his ability and intelligence. Words about beauty need to be spoken to a woman. Or say the opposite, if there is a desire to infuriate a person, for example, so that he tells the truth about you. Once expressed doubts about the mental abilities of a man cannot be blotted out by a thousand words about his beauty and attractiveness.

  • Narcissistic men will love this compliment.

    The rest will probably wonder: do I have any other virtues besides beauty?

    Although, no doubt, any person is pleased to hear that he is attractive to the opposite sex.

  • Such a revelation will be to the liking of any representative of the male population of the world. Each male will be glad to hear about it from the lips of a beauty that he likes. There is nothing wrong. A normal man will only smile back and straighten his tie. And daffodils don't need girls ...

  • first you need to study his character. there are men who are even more greedy for flattery than women. this should be praised and praised, and not only for real virtues, but even for mythical ones. such peacocks are not able to see themselves in real light and they need compliments like air. in gratitude from them you can hear in response "you too wow, darling."

  • I tell people if I think they are beautiful, and that's appropriate. You can't walk down the street, stop someone and say: you are beautiful. But when the opportunity is convenient, I definitely note the beauty, I say what I like and I'm not afraid to repeat myself.

    Men need this as much as women.

    It is sometimes difficult for young girls and women to overstep themselves, and they often think that this will allow the young man to become proud. By virtue of my mature age, I can say what I think and not be afraid of being misunderstood.

  • And why not say it, if this is not flattery, namely your real opinion and it is. Any woman will not refuse a compliment, and she loves with her ears. So any man will be happy with such an assessment.

    Just do not need to say this all the time, they said it once and forgot, otherwise later he will want such confessions from you all the time.

    And any man who is brought up will thank you for such a compliment and will be grateful for it to you. Maybe by doing this you will help to raise his self-esteem, and he will then straighten his shoulders.

    It is better, of course, to praise him for good character traits and actions, this will give him an incentive to repeat them.

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  • My experience has shown that it is not worth it) As a rule, this does not lead to anything good) Such a guy begins to use what his girls consider beautiful, begins to become more confident in flirting and begins to walk right and left, becoming more convinced that he is handsome and the girls like it. Moreover, compliments about appearance are not very "masculine". They "look" more organically on a girl, but men are better off saying more compliments about his activities, actions, thrift, ie. emphasizing its importance in your life)

  • Will not be spoiled).

    I always tell my husband how handsome he is. From the fullness of feelings, s).

    In his youth, he was very handsome, and fell in love with him for his beauty.

    Now I have crawled a little), after all, fifty dollars is already, but still good, friends always say that I have a beautiful one.

    And if I had spoiled myself ... well, then I would say:

    - How beautiful you are, albeit silly)). But still very beloved.

  • There is a double-edged sword. Some men like it when they are flattering, others do not perceive flattery (depending on the nature of the man) or do not know how to perceive it. That for some it is like air, that for others it sounds like an insult. You can replace this word with another, for example, you do not look bad today and a compliment and attention in one person. Handsome men know their worth, then they just raise an eyebrow and that's it, I'm yours forever.))) Sometimes it looks funny from the outside. And normal handsome men already know what they are, but they don't need praise, when it's too much they say how beautiful you are, I lose my mind at the sight of you and everything like that, believe me, annoying. It is impossible in a relationship to dwell only on external data, such a relationship will not last long, beauty is not eternal.

    Should I tell a man that he is handsome?

  • I knew one man who once said to me: I know how handsome I am .. I didn't know what to answer to such words - I blinked my eyes .. because I did not distinguish him as a handsome man .. but he was sure .. he was just a good friend of mine. such men - we can say that they are beautiful .. Most should not. If only as a joke in an appropriate situation: like: well, you are handsome (handsome) ... when they seem to have hinted at beauty, but reduced its importance (after all, a man has other priorities in his brain to be significant). Of course, he will not be offended by the words that a man is handsome, but probably. will not admire. it is more pleasant for him to hear that he is cool, courageous, super man ..

  • Of course it's worth it, any person is pleased when he is told this, if this is actually the case, of course. If not, then it will sound like ridicule or flattery. You can find other positive traits in a man and compliment them.

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