Does a man remember the girl he dumped 3 years ago?

Does a man remember the girl he dumped 3 years ago?

  • Why is it so, - men do not leave girls, because a girl is not a stone

    for throwing ... It would be more correct to put it - do the girls who appear in the life of men leave any memories of themselves

  • I think he remembers, even if 3 years have passed. Such actions are remembered, and most likely remembers you at night. But no one will ever know about this, because he will be silent. All this will be in his head. Most likely he regrets this act. But now you should not dwell on this, life goes on, you do not need to remember and torment yourself for the past. Just draw a conclusion and move on. You will be fine, I am sure of that. And in this person, do not look for anything in common anymore, since he did this, it means that this will continue in the future.

  • The right to choose who to be with and to use this right not in favor of a woman who would like to be different does not mean that the act is not beautiful. People meet, get to know each other gradually, someone faster, someone longer and realize the possibility or impossibility of a union based on their priorities, principles, worldview. The word "threw" always means the fact that a person did not give what he wanted, but if a person leaves, then you also did not give the person something that he wanted, expected, calculated. And people do not hang a sign when they get acquainted with the list of qualities that can manifest themselves violating a person's persistent idea of ​​what should be, therefore time puts everything in its place and people and only those people who do not realize the fact that they are not universal consider themselves to be "abandoned" only by the fact of their existence they were loved and were with him. As soon as a person understands that if the puzzles do not fit, this does not mean that one person has the wrong edge, which means that both sides do not coincide.

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