Why does a loved one always joking at me?

Why does a loved one always joking at me?

  • various sarcastic jokes and sarcasm are strange

    and you try it yourself as well

  • Maybe in this way he demonstrates to others his so-called "superiority" over you, they say who is the boss in the family, he shows that you, roughly speaking, are his property, although maybe he is just a joker in life and does not know how to express his feelings in another way , you do not take too much to heart, try not to react to his humor at all, it may stop ...

  • If this is unpleasant for you, but the person does not respond to your remarks, while continuing to do what he wants, think, perhaps your opinion does not interest him, he wants to assert himself through you, to raise it at the expense of your humiliation. So you are for it as an application, as an excuse for jokes. If these jokes are offensive, hurt your dignity, it is better to part with such a person.

  • Of course, a joke is a joke. And if this is a good joke about some of your actions or statements, your, perhaps, your appearance - this is one thing. And if this is sarcasm, then, excuse me, what kind of love relationship can we talk about? I think, in public, you have nothing to do but laugh at yourself together with everyone. But in private, when your young man wants tenderness and intimacy, this is where you get it back by repeating his sarcastic joke and saying something like "I'm this and that ..." depending on his impartial statement about you. ... There is one more method of protection: start making fun of him in public, but then excuse me for being straightforward, but it seems to me, judging from your description of the situation, that your relationship has no future. If there is no kindness in a relationship and acceptance of a person for who he is, then ...

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