Why are our women being kept at the prisoners?

Why are our women being kept at the prisoners?

  • Hello, a piece of my little story about communicating with a man from MLS. I am a woman for ...))), attractive. But this is how life turned out - I’m not married, and it’s no longer necessary))), I’ve got used to it. In social dating networks did not look. But after all, where ours did not disappear, I found an interlocutor in a strict regime colony (after a week of correspondence, I guessed, he did not deny, but did not insist on a conversation - why so, for what and why). I will not hide - it became curious. I saw the photo six months later. They wrote about this, about this, light flirting. A year later, they talked for hours. Of course, I read a lot about why such communication is addictive, what most often comes of it in life ... But when one has a lot of free time and does not yet have the opportunity to change circumstances, and the other has a desire for communication, such which apparently is not enough - conversations drag on, sometimes for years. It happens that it is easier to share joy, problems, personal experiences with a stranger, well, if only because relatives take everything too close to their hearts, and friends ... it is not yet known who the friend will be soon ... From my side, advice about the methods of using drugs - probably this is almost the only thing that needed help from me, sometimes the feeling of despair that I could not intervene in his position and change him in a good direction (the distance between us is about three thousand km) was not easy to bear , but on the other hand, it was not me who did it, and it’s not for me to correct it, especially not really knowing what and how it was and is. In general, everything is as it should be - waiting for calls, confidential conversations, there was a feeling that we live together every day ... Many are familiar, right? Emotions for the development of our joint further communication during his release will not describe, a bit too much from the "other" side of sweet words, but for me, as a woman, it was nevertheless pleasant to hear it. After two years of communication - one operation, the other more serious. I heard him in the hospital, I am grateful for the support at that time. Then - the loss of a good job, that's when the calls became less frequent, although I warned you right away - I won't strain myself, you have enough without me ... What have I been talking about for so long? That I do not regret this time of communication. Thank you for listening to me as much as necessary, for the opportunity not to seek real communication, but to do business, oddly enough considering that she is "not free", and feels good in her soul more often than not). Is it necessary to demand "continuation of the banquet", that is, to hope for a different behavior or other, more favorable outcome of events? Women and girls, take care of yourself, your children and parents in any conditions. Do not rush to condemn those whom you previously held dear. For those who were able to withstand the test of imprisonment - health, strength and good luck to you in the future, and most importantly - DO NOT LOSE GOD'S GIFT - HUMANITY.

  • I will say right away that I never appealed to the prisoners' ads, they wrote to me after my announcements posted on the web and on the dating sites. Not everyone immediately recognized where they were, they were very polite, unlike most men on the outside, who really hope for a woman tired of loneliness and that they only need to call and you rush to like a meeting. Of course, this is primarily their cant that a woman has to write about and report about herself somewhere else. But I will return to the topic, almost everyone convicts try to convince and put pressure on pity, tell them how hard and especially compassionate women can get this bait! In general, it is dangerous to engage in conversations with them (everyone’s articles are different, terms too), I do not advise you to be rude and insult them either, you must respond politely. No one will be specially convicted, alcoholics will not look, just the opposite, they are looking for the best for themselves, and not because they are already agreed on anyone !!!

  • Beautiful letters are usually written from the zone, and single women, like all women, tend to believe in the best, hope that when he comes out will be different, good, he will improve with her. Men who write letters feel and manipulate it subtly. who bought into their own self-deception, in this case it is worth regretting. And the rest wish not to be naive

  • Hello everyone!) I specially registered to write in this Temko! In vain they say that the "bait" of convicts come across lonely girls who do not have enough male attention !!! I am quite bright in appearance, there are enough fans and always enough! But I went there too!) Honestly, at first, communication began on my part precisely out of interest in how convicts live ... Then it just became pleasant to communicate with a person. I myself am very picky in choosing a man for myself. So this man understands me in the literal sense, as I do him) He never said beautiful words to me, ordinary communication. There are no declarations of love. And besides, it turned out that I know his cousins ​​and we saw him often on the street, knew each other in absentia in person. But fate brought us together on the Internet and when he was already sitting! I don’t help him with money and never went to him. We talk for a year. We even swore many times) Honestly, as it is written above that someone is attracted by "bad guys", I always liked the wrong ones))) Maybe because I am the opposite, educated, educated, from a decent family ... I feel that the same feeling emanates from him ... Maybe, of course I don’t deny, he wanted to write me down as a "sucker", but I am not so simple and it is not for him succeeded!) He is in love. Of course, I also have something like that in me))) I like this "game"!))) Straight already captures the spirit and the storm of emotions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emotions in life are important to me, I live them and he gives me these emotions))) Now, after a year of our communication, he wants to introduce me to his mother and younger brother. He remained in prison for another year, I look forward to meeting)))

  • Well, let me start a lonely woman for a bit of 35.

    I have an unsuccessful marriage behind my back, maybe not even one (my husband was beating, the second was drinking, the third was cheating). There were several lovers who came when they were comfortable, and not when I wanted.

    Not everyone has a computer to meet someone in nete.

    So that's what I have to lose.

    I live my usual life for myself, I receive and unsubscribe to letters while I understand that there is someone who needs me more than I need him, at least he convinced me of this.

    I would not want to be in the place of this woman, but I understand her.

  • Usually women who are tired of loneliness respond to such ads. It seems to all of us that everything can happen to someone, but not to me. Often a woman herself gives an advertisement of acquaintance, and having received a "sweet letter" in which a beautiful and compassionate story, she, which is not needed by anyone in the free world, is imbued with feelings for the prisoner. It seems to her that all the scoundrels sitting on the other side of the fence, with the exception of this one, who wrote her a letter. In the correspondence, the woman is technically led to the idea that there are real colonels in the zone, who accidentally got behind barbed wire (although there really are such) and she, thirsty for attention and affection easily falls on the hook. The psychology of a single woman is tricky. Beautiful and tender words addressed to her, which she had never heard, the promise and vows of love are doing their job. Then awakening from "sleep" will come, but it will be too late. And she will only have to lick her wounds and again plunge into loneliness. I feel sorry for such women and I sympathize with them. And they are absolutely not fools ... they just want to be loved, and love is blind !!

  • because some really like the bad guys once planted means a crime or something else

  • Hello people! I read all your comments and I can say that each of you is right in his own way. How many marriages, so many life stories. And it doesn't matter where he was imprisoned. Everywhere - people! I married a convict and I do not regret it. We have a wonderful family with three children. Neither in the colony, nor after his release, my husband never said a rude word to me, much less physically hurt me. But the couple, who registered the next day after us, got torn apart on the wedding night of a long date. Although they constantly swear on the phone (Svetlana tells me about this, we call her sometimes). And about the programs, there is nothing special here. Just for a minute, imagine how much food you spend on a treat per year for your family and friends. The husband is also a dear person, so why not take him a present twice a year? So each person must independently draw a conclusion at the behest of the heart and mind. And there are even more scum in the wild, just not all of them can be put ...

  • Sorry, but what is written above, to be honest, is GALIMATYA !!! I can name specific numbers for the period 2000-2004 of IK-13 in Zaozerny Khabarovsk Territory. The fact is that I myself was there and met my current wife. He was released, lived for 2 years, gave birth to a son. I offered to sign, but my wife put it off. After another 6 years, he somehow insisted on his own. Played a wedding. After 2 months, the spouse will give birth to 2 sons. Although I am not a "gift" in myself. In the camp, denied, at large, I was with the lads. Recently I have settled down. There were, of course, disagreements and quarrels, but we went through all together, we survived. I'm afraid of losing e. By the way, out of 20 people who corresponded with correspondence students (there were about 900 people in the camp), I know 12 couples who still live normally. 2 drove in on a new one. I don't know anything about the others. lost contacts. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I ask you to keep such a subjective opinion that the ZeKam need only correspondence students! Of course, I do not exclude such things, but you also think about why a person in a limited team is looking for communication with free people. And everything is very commonplace, so as not to lag behind in development from the rest of society. Because I experienced it myself: in prisons and camps, the consciousness of life priorities decreases and becomes dull. Because of this, the overwhelming majority of those who do not receive moral and psychological support end up back. Think, think, and then write comments.

  • Or maybe they just think that "tough guys" are sitting there. These are not the fuckers she knows ...

    To say she could, they say, he killed me because of me, and he sat down, and he would kill you when he came out.

    Or something like that ...

  • I will share my own experience. How I married a Zek. Everything starts with a phone call.

    "- hello, girl! do you want to meet?" word by word and the conversation begins.

    Then, during the conversation, the person reveals that he is in a correctional colony. and this is where intrigue comes in. The girl becomes interested in how the convicts live, what they do, what they do. For about 2-3 days, he talks about his difficult prison life. The young lady becomes sorry for the young man and she invites him to bring a parcel. I brought a parcel and went on a short date. and all-there is love, which is based on risk, pity and mystery. The girl, mesmerized, begins to go on short dates, and then gets involved. In most cases, such acquaintances end with painting, and some convicts simply use such girls for selfish purposes. There is such a Zonian expression "Warm up" some with food, and some with things, mobile, money. But to this day my husband did not take from me a penny or a parcel. I even tried to help myself - I replenished my account on my mobile, sometimes I helped financially. I believe that he fell in love, as I did with him. We have been together for 5 years, we have a son for 2 years. Girls, be vigilant in dealing with convicts, if they ask you to top up their account, to bring food, this is self-interest.

  • Most often, such letters are "led" either by women who are tired of life's troubles and disillusioned with men, or enthusiastic romantic girls who have read beautiful novels. And the fact that this kind of business exists there (professionals write beautiful letters for everyone who can pay for it) usually remains behind the scenes. Those. Many people know about this, but they hope that it is to her and this particular person who writes himself and from the bottom of his heart. After all, they do not write in these letters that he needs a fool who will come on dates and satisfy his longing for a woman's body, which will send parcels and parcels with food and things for him for beautiful (and not very expensive) letters ... After all, these citizens (I must say, they are good psychologists) write in these letters what every woman dreams of hearing or reading from a loving man ... And each hopes that he really loves and will carry it in his arms all his life, etc. etc. etc. And that it was HE who realized everything and would never repeat his mistakes ... And what, as a rule, gets the majority - we know ...

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