Why when asked "how is yours nothing?" - everyone understands what is at stake?

Why when asked "how is your nothing?" - everyone understands what is at stake?

  • "Like your nothing" everyone perceives already as a phraseological unit, that is, it is such a stable expression. This will mean that you have been asked how you are doing. In fact, the two phrases are identical, only the first has some flavor.

  • Most often, when asked about the state of affairs, well-being, health, people prefer to answer succinctly "Nothing", which essentially means "normal" or "good". Over time, in the question, the word "business" or "health" was replaced by "nothing", since the answer in most cases is predictable. Still the phrase "How's your nothing?" more used for close people, since there is still an element of joke in the question.

  • Because "As ours is nothing? - this is usually or how is the Rule of health, I would very much like it to be nothing, but excellent. Because nothing - it really is nothing in essence - empty. And with such" nothing "you know very much It’s hard to live. I want to live for the present, because after us there is a generation of children and grandchildren. And they also want our health.

  • Well, why is everyone, ask such a question to a Frenchman, a German, an American - they are unlikely to believe that you do not need medical help.

    And the Russians will answer any question, even if you approach a stranger on the street and ask, for example, "So what?"

  • Because this question has its own history, and for the period of its use in our lands, it entered into the cultural heritage of the people, therefore, to explain what it means, when you have heard it from childhood everywhere, it does not make sense to our people.

  • In principle, everyone answers, normally, and they ask the same question, etc.

    The meaning of "your nothing" is of no interest to anyone!

  • Usually they ask "How are you?"

    And, as a rule, no matter how a person's affairs are - whether good or bad, they answer: "Matters nothing", so or "normally".

    After all, if you answer "bad" or "good", questions like "why?", "What happened?" etc.

    Therefore, it is easier to answer "Nothing!"

    And to make it easier instead of "How are you?"ask"How is your nothing?"

  • "Like your nothing", this means hidden questions, which include, first of all, health, then how are you doing, what new has happened during the time that we have not seen each other and with such a conversation, all the news for a certain period of time is clarified.

  • The question "How is your nothing?", I would say, it is Russian. Because a foreign citizen cannot understand him at all ... how can there be anything? ..

    Only here are the answers to the question "How is your nothing?" there can be a huge variety: from the banal ("nothing") to the comic ("you can't wait!")

    how is your nothing

  • Probably everyone understands because this is, apparently, just an abbreviated form of the usual dialogue "How are you? - Yes, nothing." This is a question from the series "What is your positive answer?" 🙂 - kind of nonsense, but Russians will understand :).

  • Personally, I don't understand. I heard this a couple of times, but I don't know what it means, and naturally I cannot answer it. I also don’t know how much money is a ducat, and it’s better not to use such words with me, since I’ll ask you to explain and I’ll have to ask the question again ...

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