How to hide or get rid of a hickey on the neck

Love is wonderful. Making love is enjoyable. Thoughts about what will happen in a couple of hours, tomorrow, next week - fade into the background. The partners are ruled by unbridled passion. However, tomorrow inevitably comes and brings with it the silent witnesses of that stormy night.

How to remove aspirated

They cannot but declare themselves to those around them: to relatives, friends, acquaintances, they strive to be in the center of attention, exposing themselves to the show. Who are they, these companions of a passionately in love man? - Their name is suckers.

What is hickey

In fact, this is a bruise, a cavity with blood formed as a result of a violation of the integrity of the subcutaneous blood vessels. Moreover, the deeper in the tissues this cavity is located, the more ominous, bluish-black color the bruise has.

Suction can occur anywhere: aspirated on the neck - most often, as well as on the face, anywhere on the body - everything is very situational, as we understand it. Appeared - and okay, nothing can be done. It is important to get rid of them as soon as possible, calling on modern medicine and folk remedies for help. In the meantime, the drugs do not work - aspirations, those that are in sight, will have to be hidden.

How to hide a hickey on the neck?

Very simple: Long hair, turtlenecks and sweaters high necks, black tights, scarves and scarves, your favorite foundation, after all! Another good way is to simulate a bite with a strong allergic reaction around it. To do this, in the center of the lesion site, a sterile needle is pierced the skin. The hardest thing is to get rid of the hickey on the neck for a while.

You can try to negotiate with the medical staff, asking them for permission to wear a Shants collar on the neck (used for neck injuries). Of course, doctors will have to pay for such an attractive way to hide aspirations. It's easiest for men: you can simply cover the problem area with a plaster, as if it were just a cut made while shaving.

So, the hicks are hidden, you can live with them - but they need to be removed! We throw all our strength into a speedy deliverance.

How to get rid of a hickey in the neck?

If more than an hour has passed since the end of the act of passionate love, it makes no sense to apply ice, coins and other cold objects. Nothing! We implement one of the following procedures (or more than one, but at intervals):

  • apply raw beef steak to the place of suction. We hold for 15 minutes. After 30 minutes, the procedure is repeated. Important: the meat cut must be fresh;
  • cut the raw onion in half and lubricate the neck with fresh juice as often as possible. The slice is constantly updated;
  • moisten the place of suction with vinegar, grease with toothpaste;
  • if you are lucky enough to find a sponge in the house, we dissolve it with some vegetable oil and more often we make life-saving compresses;
  • surely in the first-aid kit there will be one of the remedies for bruises, bites, burns and bruises: "Lyoton", "Troxevasin", "Venoruton", "Heparinovaya", "Badiaga-911", "SinyakOFF", "Rescuer", "Lead water" ... All of them have a good anti-inflammatory, absorbable, tissue-regenerating effect;
  • we apply an iodine mesh to the aspiration site.

After completing the above methods, it may be possible to get rid of the throat in the neck as soon as possible.

Under the most favorable circumstances, it will be possible to get rid of hostility not earlier than after two days, and deep lesions go away only after a week.

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