What is there to be afraid of when you move out with a guy?

What is there to be afraid of when you move out with a guy?

  • Banal "everyday life", because of which many families break up. Learn to listen and hear each other, give in, find compromises, discuss problems "at a round table" and measure in bed. A strong family is hard work on oneself. Do not try to "remake" your partner for yourself, accept him as he is. Each person has their own pros and cons! When young people begin to live together, they begin to defend the primacy in the family, smart women concede the right of "primacy" to a man, but they always know how to influence the opinion of her husband so that he makes a decision.

    You have everything ahead, and how your life will turn out depends only on you. The woman creates a family hearth and relationships in the house.

  • Domestic disagreements. And you also need to be prepared that your partner may not really like when you understand in his male zone, but it is best to find out from him right away in order to avoid conflicts. And so everything else is domestic trifles. may begin to find fault with unwashed dishes, uncooked food. But these problems will already need to be solved as they come. When a life together begins, all the disadvantages immediately come out, and in each pair they have their own.

  • There is nothing to be afraid of. My husband and I came together 20 years ago and we had no domestic conflicts. Well, very rarely, and then these are not conflicts, but something like - if you don't plan to wash the dishes - don't build a tower in the sink, put it aside, please.

    From the very beginning, you need to determine the priorities, which is more important for you - everyday life, or relationships. If you both find the strength to never yell at each other, under no circumstances to call names and not pay attention to any foolishness - believe me, there is nothing to be afraid of.

    Yes, and also, it has a very positive effect on relationships when both are very busy with work. There is no time to take offense at each other and nag.

  • Two people meet, they feel sympathy for each other and the confectionery and bouquet period begins! Super! Cool! Pleasantly!

    This is the first stage.

    Second phase. A couple live in the same apartment. This is where conflict situations arise. A conflict is not a scandal. A conflict is two or more views and opinions on the same situation. This is normal. In this case, there is no right or wrong opinion. You just don't need to put pressure on the other person with your opinion. Well, for example: some people like spices, and some don't. Well, or a movie, color, country, football! Anything!

    There are also habits that are sometimes annoying. Example: Men often squeeze out a tube of toothpaste from the end and women from the middle. And this happens to be a conflict. You need to understand that this is just a habit! Also, the lights are not turned off, an open window, morning coffee, a sandwich instead of porridge. Anything!

    At this stage, people get to know each other better.

    The next stage is acceptance or non-acceptance of a person.

    That is, the couple accept you as (what) you are with all the habits, opinions, behavior, or does not accept. That is, the pair either stays together or diverges.

    Main principles: Do not blame, do not insult, do not press, do not reproach. And most of all you need to LOVE!

    This stage is called Unconditional Love! That is, "I do not like everything in the behavior of this person, but I love him no matter what." This is true love!

    I wish you happiness at all times!

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