What is worse for the family - physical betrayal of his wife or moral?

What is worse for a family - physical betrayal of his wife or moral?

  • Physical infidelity is certainly worse. Because moral is only preparation for treason as such, and physical - everything has already happened.

    After physical betrayal, you have to live with it as a fact, and moral betrayal, what is it in general. It's easy to say that there was nothing, but without physical contact

    really never happened.

  • It seems to me that the moral is still worse. If your husband slept with another woman, of course it hurts a lot. But I would have experienced such, no matter how bad it was for me. But to know that your husband stopped loving you and fell in love with another woman would be unbearable for me. I know one married couple, he is 42, she is 40, they have two children. So he met and fell in love with another woman two years ago, his wife knows about it. He does not leave the family because of the children, and the woman does not see him anymore. But he fell in love with the other one so much that until now (it has been a year since they have not seen each other) he "dries" over her. And this is how they have been living for two years, pretending that everything is fine. How can you live with a man in the same house, go to bed with him, knowing that he loves another, and only lives with you because of the children?

  • physical betrayal is worse than an atomic war, because it is very hard to experience a very large imprint on a person is imposed on a person, this is reflected in a person by difficulties that haunt literally neither day nor night

  • What is worse for a family - physical or moral betrayal of the wife, you can say both options are equally bad, especially considering the consequences.

    With physical infidelity, you can become infected with something and bring sexual and other diseases to your family.

    With physical betrayal, the moral is the same, because the betrayal already in itself carries a violation of moral qualities.

    With moral betrayal, there will not be a strong risk to health, but psychological harm will be for both partners, and this directly affects all organs in the body, on the psyche, causes stress against which diseases can also develop.

    Cheating can sometimes break your life.

    Of course, physical betrayal is still more significant and worse.

  • Of course, not physical betrayal, not moral - this is not good, but moral, with a high probability, will destroy the family! Physical infidelity, in some cases, is even necessary in order to save the family (there is a rule, but this is an exception to the rule). But the moral ... It's hard for both husband and wife! It is hard for the wife that she realizes that she can lose her husband and cannot do anything about it, and for the husband that he needs to save the family, but he loves another and steps over his feelings, for the sake of the family. And these steps are very difficult! And here time will only help! The main thing is for spouses to realize and just wait! Therefore, moral of course worse!

  • It's like asking which is worse - to die sitting or lying down? There seems to be no difference. Treason is treason in Africa too.

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