Does a girl have the right to change if a guy does not satisfy her?

Does a girl have the right to change if a guy does not satisfy her?

  • Sex outside of marriage is a sin, but despite this, this type of sexual relationship flourishes. In sexual relationships outside of marriage, certain partners may choose to have an open relationship. Thus, if a girl does not receive sexual satisfaction during sex with her boyfriend, then she can satisfy her sexual desires with another sexual partner.

    If a girl and a guy, apart from sex, have a love relationship, then in this case it will be ugly and despicable if the girl cheats on the guy. If a girl does not get the desired pleasure from sex, then she can offer her boyfriend an introduction of variety in sex.

  • No one has the right to treason. Why does a girl need a guy like that? Anyway, such a relationship will eventually lead to a breakup, so isn't it better to explain everything to a guy and part ways peacefully than to continue the relationship?

  • If she sends ... well, then of course she has. If she is for a husband or a bride, then she does not have, and a girl is for children.

  • If a girl has a "relationship" with a guy, then this is not a marriage, everyone is free to disperse in any direction at any time. A "relationship" is not a commitment. By the way, a civil marriage is one that is registered in the registry office, it will be enough to call any cohabitation a marriage. Only the one who gave his passport to be stamped in the Recording Acts can speak of treason Civilian States. The rest - go to the forest, study the material part, do not call anything marriage, and do not demand fidelity where it is not expected in principle.

    If the two did not work out in intimacy, but they are not bound by any obligations to society and to each other, then such a "relationship" is under the nail. It was all right under Tsar Pea - before the wedding, no, no, out of wedlock - no, no, no divorce. It was clear where the hopeless situations came from. Now, if two people decided to develop a "relationship" in the direction of the bedroom, and there was found incompatibility, then nothing prevents them from dispersing or reconsidering their understanding of sex and trying by mutual agreement something that they had not done before.

    The main thing for a guy to remember is: if you have a "relationship", it does not mean that you bought a woman. If you want to have rights - get married, and then download them. At the same time, it's enough to be a "guy", it's time to turn into a man.

  • No, if a girl is in a relationship with a guy and even if in this relationship, the guy does not satisfy - she has no right to cheat!

    Any relationship should be built on loyalty and dedication. If a girl does not get pleasure in bed with a boyfriend, she should talk about it frankly with the boyfriend and then think together what and how to do next (try together to satisfy the girl's desire in bed: various assistive devices, medications, doctors, etc.) or the relationship should be terminated).

  • Why? You are not yet a husband and wife, but are already thinking about cheating. If you just leave this one and find another guy, then how will you look in the eyes of others. And if the next one also does not satisfy, you will continue to sort it out? such a thing as loyalty. You probably have not heard of such a word and that loyalty exists. Think about it.

  • Not. Doesn't have. If he knows his worth and values ​​his reputation.

    To begin with, you should end the current relationship and only then allow other relationships with the opposite sex.

    There is no need to arrange a fall and degradation.

  • Yes, quite, because cohabitation or civil marriage does not oblige you to anything, even if this is not treason, but simply fornication, so what to lose, one sin or several.

    Cohabitation in itself is no longer right, there are no obligations, no rights, no law. And its side effect is precisely fornication (betrayal). And there is no such reason, dissatisfaction, there is simply permissiveness and impunity.

    The young are too liberated, they themselves no longer understand that they are bogged down in sins, they confuse normal family relations and fornication.

  • The girl has every right to break off all relations with him. If something doesn't suit them - be it everyday life, sex, interests, etc.

    And nothing ever and no one gives such a right to change. Treason is a lie. Is there a right to lie?

  • A girl has the right to leave, and if she is cheating, then this is no longer a girl, for such women there is a Russian name. Another thing is that perhaps the girl will not directly tell the reason for her departure to the young man.

  • We don't have to please anyone. If he did not satisfy you, you should not be offended. This is his limit, he is not obliged to do something beyond the limit. Likewise, you do not have to be faithful to him and do not have to be in a relationship with him. We are allowed a lot, it's just that much is limited by morality.

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